Sunday, July 31, 2016



I feel at this time for some of you , you have opportunities to move forward with certain things going in your life. For some of you making plans to go out for this week. For others of you feeling very inspired and wanting to delve more into your creativity. You have lots of amazing ideas today


Watch your emotional self because the moon is in the sign of Cancer. This energy dictates your money situation. Right now you are looking for deals and working on saving money. This may not work so well in regards to relationships. You might see power struggles with money today. I feel for some of you , some bills may creep up on you . Especially if you have that automatic bill pay so watch your spending


With this energy you might be reinventing yourself or making some emotional changes with this energy. I feel this is a very popular time for you. This is a great energy time for you with the social media. Or even just being called to be out and about more.  For some of you business may pick up more today .


Moon in your 12th house conjunct with part of fortune. Watch your emotional self today.Because you are very much in your head and you can be a bit hyper sensitive or take things personally with this energy. Try to stay grounded at this time. Your intriguing the chit chatter in your head. Give it a job and tell it to focus on your breathing


At this time you have an opportunity to work with others to help you grow. I feel also with this energy you have opportunity to help others. I feel also that you seek out your friends at this time for comfort. Also try to stay away from the comment bar today. Trolls will be on spitting their negative and you are going to take the bait


This is a great energy to show your creative talents and express your ideas to others with this energy. This is a fun energy time for you. You may find yourself out and about more this week.  With this energy also at work . You might be promoting others or give others extra help. You are very generous with your time and resources


With this energy you are putting the fire under your butt to make things happen. For some of you , you might feel a bit empowered with this energy because of what you can accomplish.  For some of you  good news is coming your way. You might find if you thinking there it is, so careful with your thoughts today


This is a great energy to delve more into the occult or your spirituality or even holistic. You have away of getting to the truth or digging for information. For some of you , you are very ambitious with your career and going the extra mile at work. Also for some of you might be a bit impulsive when it comes to love


You may have some real helpful people in your life that can just push things along a this time. You may find certain circles prove to be very beneficial to you .I feel also  try to leave your plans open because people may randomly invite you out today. Or may have some surprises in stored for you


With this energy you can be a bit of a worry wort. Minor aches and pains can be felt more today. I feel at this time you are more focus on work, and not really focus on the people that you are working with . So can be a bit snappy with this energy. You may have other lean on you more for advice . They may not take your advice so don't push just be a listening ear.


At this time the north node is forming a T-square with your 1,7,10. Watch your emotional self. People are reactive at this time, and may be looking at poor fishies as punching bags because they are going through it. Also with this energy don't take what other people say personal at this time. You have alot of good going for you focus more on that


Chiron in retrograde is forming that beautiful water trine again. So this can be a fabulous start for your  Monday or this energy can ride you Like a Bronco on Tuesday, Great energy to tap into faith or get your juju on with this energy. Today you are a leader and you make things happen.