Wednesday, July 20, 2016

21 July Daily Horoscopes by Marie Moore


Wrenches in your day are being thrown your way. At this time you need to go more with the flow with this energy. At this time there can be some happy surprises with career like promotion. Or money incentive coming your way with this energy . Or even your partner earning more money or receiving good news in regards to career


With this energy problems with friends or loved can arise at this time. I feel at this time if you are trying to fix them or suggesting things to them. It can go in one ear and out the other. It's best at this time to focus on you and not worry so much on them.I feel that you can take things very personally today. Especially when others are not listening to you


With this energy you maybe leaning on friends and family for emotional support. Or they may be wanting to do things with you today. Its that family support and friend support system that you need at this time. For emotional support and comfort. I also feel today through a friend or family member. You may get a chance opportunity to meet someone who can help you with your business. Or meet someone new through someone else


With this energy before delving into anything exciting and new, you might want to get a second opinion or a third one today.Not the best day to go throwing your opinion at what other people are doing. May lead into a twitter war or social media war with  this energy. So careful what you say to others. This person can be all in their feelers


I feel at this time you energy is a bet restless and looking for something new to do . Careful with taking this energy out on others. Break this energy that is looking for a fight by taking a walk or go work out . You'll see it will change your energy and even make you allot calmer.


Power Struggles with certain relationships can happen at this time. Try to allow the other person their space. At this time you might be feeling certain situations are more one sided. Or you may have more on your plate than the other person. The thought of this can cause stress or make you say something to the others. The way you say is what can make this a discussion instead of an argument


At this time Fishies you might need to put on your armor as people maybe telling you more of what you are doing wrong than right. The blessing in it, it makes you aware of what you need to work on or don't need to work. But it's something that you can be more conscious of what you are doing , so you can change for the better.


Time to slow the train down and listen to others with this energy. I feel also at this time don't make promises you can't keep or don't want to do . With this energy at this time it may be hard to walk a spiritual path or difficult to do the right thing. I find thats the time for greater blessing to come in . When we practice restriction with our Ego . But if not just try not to do it again


Money worries can happen at this time. You might be a bit snappy or acting towards people who are close to you because of your anxieties. I do see also plans or misunderstandings can happen because others may not understand what you are trying to say to them .


With this energy opportunities to travel or plans to travel are coming up with this energy. For some of you , you are making some positive changes in your life. Updating yourself on your career, or you might be doing something different and stepping out of your routine today.


Good news is coming your way or exciting plans are coming up making you think of thoughts of future,future with this energy. Someone or a situation may rattle your day causing you to feel reactive. Try to be more objective in the situation this can all be a case of misunderstandings      


With this energy opportunities to travel are coming up. Also with this energy you may have some eye opening experiences today . I do see some of you being inspired by others and bouncing ideas off each other. For some of you , you might be collaborating with other creators today