Monday, July 11, 2016




Watch your emotional self today because you are allowing your thoughts of doubt, and nothing is happening to really affect you. I feel all eyes are on you today for better or worst. People want your opinion and your help especially at work. You might even get involve in other people's problems


Watch your emotional self today. You have the part of fortune conjunct with Pluto in retrograde. Some nasty fights can happen with family members with this energy . I feel also everything is cause and effect major changes can happen in certain areas of your life. Especially involving home,family and  your personal life.


T-square 6,9,12 watch your emotional self today. Stay away from your emotions and that negative voice in your head.  You need to cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off today. This is a busy day for you. You might find yourself all over the place. By being aware of what you are saying to others you can avoid pettiness


You need to give yourself permission to not be perfect and to laugh at yourself today . You need to find a positive outlet for your restless energy . I feel that a wrench is going to get thrown in your way today . Causing you to react and may bring out some anxieties with this energy. Try to relax today


Careful with mood swings with this energy. I feel that certain situations in your life with family or close friends may come to blow. Allot of this is stuff that you've been putting up with or keeping in , keeping in. And now it all going to come out, does it have too?  


Your issues with mother or the women in your family can come up now. If you haven't been speaking to them . Now they may reach you out too with this energy. But at this time nothing is going to get resolve. This would be a good time for being more balance with your emotions


Today you are delving more into your situations. What can you do at this time. You are more about analyzing your situations. For some of you , you might receive signs that you are on the right path at this time.Or someone can give you an opportunity and like a bread crumb it's starts the trail that you need to be on.


Your not very open when it comes to your feelings. I do see you not getting your way in a situation or doing something that you don't want to do. Careful with the silent treatment because it comes out in other ways. You do have a T-square with your 1,4,7 house, if you need to talk to some that you aren't talking too. Just talk to them and ask for help even though your super mad at them. They don't feel that way about you. Your on a 10 and they might be on a 5


You have change coming up today and might be you have to make a decision right away. Or this can be pressure to make decisions and the other person is giving you an ultimatum. Watch your emotional self because the universe is asking you to change. I know you would had preferred it to be your idea or when your ready. But the universe and situations in your life are saying now


Watch your emotional self today . I feel that trigger words or situation may remind you of past hurts. Or this feeling of this happened to me before and may make you very reactive with the situation. If you see the situation coming before hand . You can react to it different or you can explain yourself to the other person


Watch your emotional self today . I feel at this time certain people may get on your nerve today. Or you may find them inconsiderate of your feelings or wants. Watch how you treat others today because you can be a bit of bully and single out one person sometimes. Doesn't happen all the time but today might be the exception


At this time you are not giving people chances or situations chances do to things or situations that happened to you in the past. This is a big part of your correction to not being able to let go of the past. So you miss out on allot of things. Try to break ego and allow yourself to have new experiences. People can change but you have to give them a chance