Thursday, July 21, 2016



This energy you are dealing with your insecurities and dealing with them through your relationships. At this time acknowledge your insecurities where they came from so you can acknowledge them. Maybe do things differently in your interactions with others. Or waiting for them to text you back


You are in a great head space at this time. You may have the fire under your butt to work on creative projects or to get things done today. Today you may go the extra mile in anything that you want to put your mind too. Also with this energy I see you standing up for others or calling out people on what they are doing wrong


Keep it humble with this energy .Watch your spending at this time because you can be over the top with your spending and with your ideas. I feel you have allot of exciting things happening but try to be realistic when celebrating.You are very intense and passionate about anything you put your mind too. This is a great time for romance and flirting


This is a fun energy time for you, you are very playful with this energy. I do see allot of creativity around you. This is a great time for writers or bloggers with this energy. I feel for some of you want to be seen at this time, or just be out and about more with close friends


At this time you need to speak up and be honest with your feelings. I feel at this time you are trying to do the right thing. It probably is the right thing but it doesn't feel good to you. You may actually feel like your being used or doing more and getting little in return . Which is more than likely not the case . I feel you need to communicate today


Your weekend is going to busy  even if you want to stay at home. Know friends and family will be trying to pull you out of your home.  Great time to grow with social media with this energy as well. Be Careful what you ask and wish because you might just get it not like, so prepare. Values maybe changing or you maybe changing your mind


Certain people in your life look up to you and are inspired by you with this energy. Also you maybe socializing with your children or maybe with a younger crowd.  Other people are on board with your business endeavors, or helping you grow your social media page. Today you have some positive changes happening


At this time don't try to read into situations or what people are doing. Try to stay grounded with this energy . Or worst comes to worst ask the person what they are up too. I know some of you might not do this because you like to strong. What their doing is not affecting .


You are asked to be open mind to new experiences with this energy. Other people in your life maybe trying to hook you up on blind dates. Or inviting you to places where there are allot of people you don't know. For some of you someone in your life especially passed relationship may be reaching out to you.  You are being asked to step out of your comfort zone today


I feel that any difficulties going on in your life. You aren't discussing them, or wanting anyones help unless you are in dire  need . Or you may not be expressing your feelings at this time because your mad at someone close to you. This can be the start of a busy weekend for you socializing with others. Or catching on things that you've been putting off


Watch your spending this weekend you may get a bit crazy with going out or those short excursions you guys love to do. Try not to put the new people in your life on a pedestal because they will disappoint you. Put yourself on that pedestal and treat yourself the way you would treat them. Careful how much you are doing for this person because this person may not give back or may not be able too


All the planets in your sign reinventing yourself, changing your ways of doing things for some of you.  With this energy you may feel like someone owes for the loyalty and things you've done for this person. For others of you , you might be running away or avoiding certain realities of your life, like your money problems