Sunday, July 17, 2016




Beautiful energy this week. Your making some good choices this week that are opening doors for you and making positive changes in your life.  I see some wonderful collaborations happening with social media. For some of you signing contracts that are more in your favor. Also this week the focus is going to be on your close relationships especially love relationships. The focus is on being more there for their needs at this time or taking care of them. I see in the cards this week some positive life altering experience like a pregnancy around you. So if your not wanting one at this time put a rain coat on it. I also do see some happy surprise in regards to love. Either a live in commitment is in the works or for some of you a marriage proposal.


Looking at the cards what ever it is that you've been wanting. You may have to step outside the box in order to open it this week. When it comes to your projects or plans things will start going your way this week . This is a quiet energy for you this week. I feel at this time you are enjoying the simple things in life . You are in better head space this week and a bit more at peace with yourself. For some of you , you might be stuck in a power struggle. Because one it wasn't your idea so you feel pressured. Two you feel this need to be right so it's hard for you to be flexible. So try to slow work on seeing the other person's way of thinking or their point of view. Try to work on not proving yourself to be right. Sometimes if you can't agree it's best to end an argument before it ruins your peace of mind.


Watch your emotional self this week because you have allot of cups in your cards. So this can either be a fabulous week or this week can ride you like a pony on a Tuesday. Like a Rhinestone Cowboy. So don't let this week win take control over your thoughts and practice a bit more restriction of the mouth . For some of you this week certain people in your life may come back into your life. For some of you this can be the ex coming back. For others of you this can be second chances with certain family members. I do see love relationships getting a bit more serious this week or for some of you a break up can happen . Try to see the blessing in the situation if it does happen. At this time you are thinking about the past a bit more this week . I feel at this time you are very sentimental or romanticizing the past. Because you might not be happy with your current situation and why can't things go back to where they once were?


I see travelling coming up for some of you. I feel you are in a better headspace this week. I see some of you still enjoying your birthday week or month. I do see it being like a second child. So this is a playful time for you with this energy. I do see for some of you that you maybe travelling to see someone , such as a romantic interest. I do see you through travelling this week , you may make new friends. For others this is a very social week for you .So through groups like work , you may meet someone new or a potential love interest.  I do see the people in your life being very giving to you and wanting to help you grow with this energy . I feel also your money situation is going to change for the better. This can be growth with career or a better paying job or it might be all the attention you are getting this week . Just try to be humble with this good energy


I feel with this energy you are in better spirits. May be enjoying your summer with this energy and relaxing allot more with this energy .For some of you vacation time or making plans with the family or having more family around you . Also the cards show me some of you are taking care of some one with this energy because your doing it specifically out of love. I do see a situation around you that you are very much sticking your heels in the ground about. The cards are showing me that you will defend your argument and fight for what you want. The cards do show the righteousness of your cause but make sure you see the light at the end of tunnel with this energy . Because you might be fighting a cause and you wont see the victory till after you 've passed.  


You are still going through changes this week, so  watch your emotional , let go of control. I do see a move around some of you. But the move or relocation maybe a bit difficult time adjusting to change with this energy. Trying to get use to your new normal with this energy. For some of you , you are making some emotional changes at this time. Getting rid of certain people in your life. This may even come out to play in your physical world. By deleting certain pictures or people off your social media pages. Symbolizing you going through change or out with the old and in with the new. For some of you an ex is coming or thoughts of the ex. So your not over this relationship and still emotionally processing at this time.The cards are acknowledging that some of you are going through some major changes in your life.


I see the focus being on your love life this week. I see for some of you a great time for love relationships. I do see that you may need to listen more to what other people are saying to you . In order for you to grow and change emotionally. To remove that layer of onion skin off of you so you can be closer to your trueself. I do see some love relationships changing at this time. For some of you getting a bit more serious so changing your relationship status . For others breaks are possible with this energy.I see for those of you that single a soul mate situation coming in . I do see this week brings more happiness into your life than tears so enjoy your week. Allot of people love you and do praise you. I feel that at this time you can control how people think about because of the way you treat them


I feel that you may suffer emotionally this week because what was said about you. I feel for some of this is something that someone meant it as a joke. But you may have took it the wrong way. You have to much good to be allowing one little thing to take away your good energy. On the plus side some of you are getting a second child hood. You are able to relax and have more fun with this energy. You are unable to let go of certain physical things or emotional things at this time. You might be missing out on change if you don't let go because its keeping you in the past. I do see a new love relationship coming in and this one you are going to do things differently. I see your money situation changing for the better this week .


Careful with your pursuit of power with this energy, because everything is cause and effect with you . Especially these days so slow down and acknowledge other people's feelings. For some of you, your situation or even certain areas of your life. That were bad are going to start turning around for you this week. I do see some losses happening in regards to court, or even looking for a job. But this minor set back does not stop from doing battle again. I feel your hard work and consistency with your goals or sticking it through with career is going to pay off this week. Or your going to start seeing some change happening. I do see some of you focusing on being a perfectionist at work or with what you do


I see opportunities for love coming in this week or just a really great flirting going on . I do see this is a beautiful time for career. Collaborating with someone that is going to seem like a match made in heaven. Or signing an important contract or getting a government job for some of you.  I do see love relationships are going to be getting a bit more serious. For some of you an engagement is happening for others being asked to move in with each other. Also with this energy you may impress someone in your life. This can be a manager or someone important to you . For others of you , you might impress yourself which will help boost your confidence and make you feel stronger.


Your mind and focus is on money this week . Careful with this energy because this can cause fight at the home. If your having money worries or focusing solely on career and not touching space or spending time with the people around you . It's great to have a career and a purpose but also we are meant on this planet to be there for each other and love each other. Try to do more of that and less worry about what you don't have or your lack. The cards do show your money situation is going to change. For the better because I do see you being more emotional stable like you can breathe . Also with this energy I do see you going through change. At this time the change is happening but you can hardly tell. Than before you know it , you'll be like "WOW how did I get there?" Poof change happened.


Beautiful energy is coming your way . Good news that you didn't expect is happening. Also with this energy avoid gossip and keep a paper trail. People might be twisting your words with this energy. At this time let them, because this will quickly blow over when you stop giving it energy. Certain lessons that you have to go through this week or situations that you've been there done that with. Will make you a better and wiser person for it. I see that some of  you maybe privelage to certain information. You may take this information and make into your own. For others this is going to help you grow in your business or career with this energy. What ever is that you are wanting . You may have to pull your boot straps up and do battle again with this energy. Or just continue fighting for what you want