Tuesday, July 12, 2016



You are still dealing with that T-square 1,4,7th house with the moon in your third house. You need to really be careful with the decisions you make at this time. You maybe reacting to a situation because you want things to go your way or you might be a bit more in your feelings today. Try not to make decisions based on your emotions  it's best to get a second and third opinion. Everything in life is temporary


You have a beautiful water trine today with your 2,6,10th house. So this can be a beautiful energy or this energy can ride you like a bronco on a Tuesday with SPURS .  Great time for business you can get a bit busy with clients today . Also with this energy you are more in a giving mood with your resources, or time with this energy


You might receive sparks of miracles today letting you know that you are on the right path with this energy . This is a great energy for those of you in sales. You have an easier time convincing others to come to your side. Or let you join in on projects with them or even job interviews with this energy


Your communications skills are very powerful. People are willing to work with you , and want to help you with this energy . I feel at this time you are getting along better with people around you . You know exactly what you want and you get what you want as well. You may feel more emotional at peace today


Today some of you have an agenda especially when it comes to getting ahead at work. I feel that you may go out of your for the boss. Or you may start behaving for mom or dad or both so you can get what you want .  Your being extra nice or attentive someone because you want something from them


Today is a good time for business or career. I feel at this time you take advantage or jump on any opportunity that comes your way today. I feel at this time the focus is towards others . You put your heart and soul into everything you do to please others or to make other people feel more comfortable


I feel with this energy this is a time you may change your way of thinking on certain situation which  can lead to opportunities for you . I feel also with this energy you may make deep emotional connection with a friend. I feel at this time you know who's there for you and has your back


Remember you have a beautiful water trine this week so watch your emotional self today. I feel some one in your life maybe telling you stories at this time. So you'll be more down for their cause. I know your loyal to a fault but do try to remember there is always to sides to a story and than some where is the truth .    


With this energy you need to communicate your feelings instead of  trying to make everyone happy. I feel at this time you might be saying one thing but doing another. I feel at this time disagreements with family members can happen . Because you are not saying what you really feel


You might be a bit difficult for you to focus on work when you don't want to be there. You might not feel useful or might feel like people are to bossy on you with this energy. I feel anything new or anything to get you away from certain people . You might be the first one to raise your hand and do it


This is a very playful energy for you .  At work it might be to much horse around today so do try to tone it down a bit . You might be very excited about up coming plans or good news you might be hearing. Also message from spirit world can come through with this energy as well


Careful with the women in your life there could be some misunderstandings or miscommunications at this time. Try  not to get into your feelings  about what is being said to you . At this time trigger words might bring up past issues. This can result you feeling offended because it reminds you of a prior situation you once were in