Sunday, July 10, 2016



I feel with this energy you might be questioning certain relationships, or you may not be able to rely on certain people today. Have a plan b today because schedules may change or may require a back person or plan


This is a fun energy time at work. This can be an opportunity for going out after work with coworkers. Getting along better with certain coworkers. Or meeting new people at work or with your business. At this time you are able to see how far you've come along in regards to work. Giving you the motivation you need to keep going


Watch your emotional self today . You do have a T-square 3,6,9 so watch your emotional self. The decisions that you make based on your emotional self. You see with your emotions today so this can cause depression. Stay out of your head and stay in the present with this energy


Today brings about personal changes, and personal transformations through the experiences you have today. So just be self aware what you say to others. Today you may be getting rid of or walking away from toxic situations. Or people that are toxic in your life and bring your emotional self down


Changes with relationships can happen today for better or worst. So just be aware how you respond to certain situations going on in your life. At this time you have an opportunity to deal with issues that you are not over with . This gives you a do over for some of you . You have an opportunity to handle the situation differently


Watch your emotional self today 6,9,12.If you can avoid getting involved in messy fights, you better. Or else this situation is going to be messy today. You have to allow others to have their opinions and not push your views on them. What starts as simple fun conversation can turn very quickly into a battle over who's right and wrong


Today you might be questioning certain relationships or even love relationships because you are looking for more with these people especially emotionally. If your idol with this energy with nothing to do. The mind might be restless and picking fights with others because at this time your looking for change or something exciting to happen in your world


At this time there could be struggle with some of you. Involving the decisions that you are making at this time. People in your life not accepting those choices. Today you might be making plans with others. For some of you questioning your relationships. Or maybe in some heavy thoughts about a relationship in your life.  Today  you might make some self discoveries in regards to relationships


Change must be happening with this energy because you are not moving on certain situations , and you are in a fighting mood with this energy . I have a feeling someone maybe pushing you into things that you don't want to do. They might need a answer right away. But  a bit of insight about my bulls. They will do it when they are good and ready .  How many Taurus does it take to screw in a light bulb? I dunno were still waiting


Still going through changes. At this time who ever has to leave your life let them. Because they are no longer part of your journey. You've been going through changes because you are being sent on your path. The path that you are on  now may not be the one you should be on. Go with the flow today and allow things to pass


I feel that you are focusing on one particular part of your life. Allowing other areas of your life to follow apart. Try to find balance what ever is not working out can resolve itself out so let it go at this because nothing can be done today.


Watch your emotional self today . Personal issues may require your attention today . You are asserting yourself and making your feelings known which sometimes isn't a bad thing. Because often times you keep quiet but today your letting it all out . I feel this is the straw that broke the camel back