Sunday, July 3, 2016



Great energy for socializing and making real connections with someone at work or with one of your friends. Careful with copy cats you may find many are trying to copy your style or variations of it. I feel also you may call out someone from trying to copy someone else. Also this is a great day for sparks of miracles


This is a great energy to get things done or take care of business with this energy.Also careful with this energy because you might be a bit needy or attention seeking with this energy. There can be some restless energy you are dealing with . Especially in regards to certain relationships.


Beautiful new moon energy . Great time for the power of prayer, and for thoughts to be come things with this energy. With this energy you are very action oriented if it feels right you are doing it. This could also be your intuition guiding you forward today. Also with this energy you need to careful with your emotional self because you do make some impulsive decisions based off of that


Today past work or opportunities that weren't available to you before. Your dream life may become pretty active with this energy. Careful when dealing with your relationships. Because you can be possessive or jealous with them and this can bring about changes.


With this energy you may receive great expert advice in regards to situations going on in your life. At this time you maybe deleting negative people off your social media page. And focusing on people that make you happy. You can be a bit of a chatty kathy with this energy and you might say a bit more than what you wanted to say


This is a fun energy time with this energy. A great energy for getting along better with others. You may make new friends with this energy or talk to people who like minded like you are. For some of you thoughts become things with this energy. For others you give really good advice and guidance with this energy


This is a fun social time for you , you are able to be yourself and people appreciate you for being your authentic self. You may feel like you can breath with this group of people or be yourself. This is also a creative energy time for you. For some of you find new ways to help your blog or social media page interesting, or filling it with new content


You are focusing more on your own brand of fun with this energy that is unique to you. For some of you this energy is much needed. You may feel more relaxed and bit more calm with this energy . If you channel just a bit of energy in to what you want , that you'll get your way


You are very fixed on your way of thinking and stubborn to new ideas, or have any new experiences. Try to bend like a palm tree and try to come from a place of "YES".You need to becareful with your emotional self. I feel fights or arguments are going to be about re hashing the past.  


You might need to practice some level of self control with this energy. I feel with this energy you can be a bit more in your head. Also bring up thoughts of childhood or the past with this energy . Try not to dwell there to long because it can cause depression.


You need to be out and about with this energy. If your not doing anything than your emotional self might get a bit fragile.  With this energy you want to socialize and do something at this time. Thoughts can become things with this energy so keep the energy positive


This could be a great day for the power of prayer with this energy. Just try to keep your emotional self at peace. Watch your spending today because you might be over the top with the get togethers.  At this time you need to learn to express your love for others. Because this chart shows uneasiness in expressing that and sense of guilt