Sunday, July 24, 2016

July 25,2016 Weekly Tarotscopes by Marie Moore


This week you have allot of changes coming in general. But change for the better with this energy. I feel also at this time your relationships with certain people are going to change. Let them go at this time, they will be back. I see some of you thinking about moving to a different state with this energy, or even travelling is coming up in the cards. I do see your communications skills are very powerful and you are very convincing. You have good news coming up with business and career. I do see you not getting along with someone in your life this can be a male in your life, or even a manager. At this time avoidance and silence is your best weapon.


Careful with money opportunities this week and being pressured into making decisions with your money. Because looking at the cards it maybe more of a lesson than a blessing. I see people putting you into crisis mode. Where there is no crisis they just want you to do something right now. I do see this being a time for growth in career. You may feel more emotional stable because your money situation is stable. I see on the job training happening and you learning about your new job. I see love opportunities coming your way as well. For some you , your love relationship is a bit fragile so tread carefully. I also see some of you benefiting from a partner or from a relationship in your life


I see on the job training happening this week for some of you. A beautiful energy week for you . I feel this could be one of your best week ever in a very long time. I feel the focus turns towards a particular relationship in your life regarding a female. I feel that she may lean on you more for support this week, or she has some news to give you. This week you are building foundations for long lasting friendships.  Pay attention this week of the signs you are getting. The universe is trying to show you something especially towards going your own way. I do see a certain friendship or even love relationship around that is controlled by someone in their life. This could be their love relationship controlling or even a family member. So they might not be able to do somethings with you this week


You need to becareful what you say to others because they are always going to remember it. I feel also with this energy , you are either digging your way out of your problems, or this energy brings hope of a problem being over. The cards do advise that you are careful with your spending. And that you don't neglect your responsibilities or pretend to be sick to get out of work. I do see your intuition is guiding you somewhere with this energy. I also see a manipulative person around you who is using you . Try not to put others on pedestals and learn to say "NO". At this time you are so bent on getting your way , or this can be in regards to love. That is causing problems in the rest of your world. This is something you are going to have to work is being stubborn when it comes to getting what you want. Or even and especially when it comes to love because you see what you want to see. There is no talking to you. Be more logical during this time and see with your eyes not with your heart


Watch your emotional self this week, I see you being reactive over a temporary situation.  But I also see you trying to stay on a saner path. I do see the focus being on changing your habits and your emotional way of thinking. I do see you fighting with a manipulative person. Slow down and look at the situation or get a second opinion . Make sure your not being used with this energy. I do see fighting going but make sure this is something  that you are going to see result right away. You manage to impress a very important person with a recent accomplishment. Often that person can be you, and the breakthrough will lead to a newfound level of self-respect.


With this energy you are creating your own reality.The decisions you make and actions you take will be of particular importance in the short and long term. You are following your intuition with this energy and allowing it to guide you on  your path. At this time your higher consciousness is kicking in giving you much needed insight on to your journey. I feel this is a time of self evaluation . And also changing certain values or habits . This week you are making some major changes in your life for the better. This can be quitting an abusive relationship, quitting bad habits or even reaching out to others . Mending your relationships with certain people in your life.


Everything is cause and effect watch the decision you make this week. Because instead of hurting someone else you end up hurting yourself. I also see people from you past reaching out to you. Especially those  you had a falling out with.All is forgiven but not forgotten with this energy.At this time your walking away from a particular group of people in your life.  Careful with money opportunities especially when people offer them to you. They maybe more of a lesson than a blessing with this energy. I also see love opportunities but this person is very demanding or may have certain rules or restrictions for you to follow. You really do take advantage of certain opportunities or saying things to certain because you know other people have your back. So you easily get away with things especially at work or even with family.    


This is a great time for court or for business negotiations ending in a peaceful decision. This energy ushers in a turn of events coming up in your life. So try to go more with the flow this week . Remember everything is cause and effect so watch your emotional self with this energy. Which I feel some of you will looking at the cards. You are very aggressive when it comes to things that you want or you can be very fixed on one particular situation in your life. Try to not allow this fixed nature of yours  to come out . Because it can ruin other areas of your life so try to focus on those areas of your life that you've been neglecting . Careful again with your actions and what you do, because they will have consequences latter so practice good judgement


I feel for some of you, you maybe doing things by the book in regards to work and health. I feel that you might also be focusing on one little negative area of your life. But the ones who you are complaining too see allot of good. Major decisions are coming up in regards to your relationships. As I look at the cards I feel right now it's very one sided.Meaning that you are either being to giving to this person and doing to much . Or this person is being very giving and you are taking it for granted or maybe you want something else. I feel some major decisions in your relationship are going to come up this week. Instead of making the decisions for yourself. I feel other people in your life are going to help put in their opinions on this situation


I feel the focus this week is on children with this energy. For some of you , you are feeling very inspired and  very forward moving with what you want to do. For some of you this is starting your own business and actually doing it . For others of you , having a bit more energy to do things and being more out and about. This is a very good week for court. I feel that you may conquer your opponent this week. This is a great time for career, and receiving a job well done or some extra attention this week . This week is all about career and business things happening for the better in that area of your life. You need to work on letting go of certain issues from your past or people in your past. You need to work on forgiving and letting go


Some people are coming back into your life but your thinking about it, or even intriguing the idea. I feel also with this energy you are trying to stay or create more of a positive life. This week, you are so appreciative of what you have; that you have a bit more self control when it comes to your money. Money is doing better this week, so you are more emotionally stable with this energy . Or even more at peace with this energy because things in your life are getting better. You need to becareful with the focus and help you give to others. Because you also need to focus on you and help yourself as well. This week you have a vision in your head of the way things should be in your life. I feel you are very ambitious and working towards that .


I see people you had a falling out with are coming back into your life. I see you being more cautious about along certain people back into your life. Twice bitten and twice shy. Also with this energy I see you thinking about stopping communications with certain people. I feel that when you want someone to lean or a shoulder to cry on these people in your life arent there. This week you have allot of good coming your way. I feel this is when things start to turn around for you , and for the better too. I feel for some of you this is a recovery time and a break where nothing happens. I do see a dominating person in your life is best dealt with silence. Try not to get baited into conversation with this person. Worst comes to worst excuse yourself and say you have to go to the bathroom