Sunday, July 10, 2016



At this time you are not seeing eye to eye with someone in your life. I see power struggles going with a women in your life. This could be with a female family member like mother or sister.  You need to be appreciative of what you have.Because I see you looking at  what you don't have and I see others looking at what you do have. Wishing they could be in your shoes. Also be a bit self aware who you are affiliating yourself with. Because these people may seem cool but then might be trying to use or up to no good .  I see also with this energy someone in your life maybe very giving to you. Or you might be very giving them to them


This week certain relationships you are questioning or not sure what to do . But at this time this area of your life with relationships is up in the air. So no decisions or movement will be made at this time. I see that you have allot on your mind. I see allot of things you want to do but at this time. You might be waiting for certain things in your life to come through in order to move forward. I also see that you may have took to long to make up your mind in regards to negotiations. Now that offer is no longer on the table. Also this week , you maybe dealing with a dominating boss or person in your life. This person is best dealt with silence or just being passive towards them.


I feel with this energy that someone around you is very stubborn in regards to change or what you want to do . But I feel also that you have a great level of patience this week.I see this week that you are starting a new chapter in your life. I feel for some of you career is going to be improving and your money situation might be getting better this week . Also with this energy, I see love but you might not be interested in this person. Because they are either to Alpha male or they might be chasing you . Telling you what to do already and taking control of the situation right away, men I'm talking to you.


This is a beautiful time for career and career growth with this energy. Also I see you getting what you want in regards to a situation . This week I see indecisions at this time in regards to relationship in your life. I feel that this relationship does have an age difference and you may not  feel comfortable with that. Or you two are wanting different things in the relationship. At this time I do not see you making a decisions. I feel that you are thinking about it . I feel also that in certain aspect that you might not want to move forward with certain aspect of the relationship. The other person is ready for change. I feel that you Correction in life which is to not be overly cautious with opportunities. Because Cancer tend to want things on their time. Sometimes that idea doesn't always work in your favor


I feel that you may make deep emotional connections with certain people in your life. I feel opportunities for new love relationship are coming in . I feel this person coming can be a soul mate or a past life connection.I also see exciting money opportunities coming your way . This can be a second career or a second source of income through the blogs. I do see a man in your life possibly boss, father figure or husband becoming critical of you. And being manipulative at this time especially emotionally manipulative with this energy . I do see a decision is coming up and the cards are telling me that you  are moving in the right direction. I do see good news coming up in regards to court or business negotiations they are more in your favor with this energy . I do see you in a position where you are able to control the situations around you. Where you are more in control of  someone else and their situation


I feel at this time you might be asking for some for a favor with this energy . Or you might be confronting or asking them for money that they owe. I see apologies happening at this time but you two still can't see eye to eye on certain things. I do see a great investment opportunity coming your way . I see also with this energy , people maybe leading you on your path towards your destiny. So try to go more with the flow at this time. Because this is out of your hands anyways and others have the wheel. You do have money worries this week but I also see money coming in so let go of your worries. I see money matters coming up as well . I feel sparks of miracles can happen when you least expected .


I do see with this energy family members do have a big part in making decisions in your life and telling what you should do . I see a life altering experience happening either with career or a new person coming into your life. I do see for some of you receiving on the job training or someone who is more advance than you . In your career; coming in and giving you advice. I also see unavoidable change happening with this energy. I see you more in a leadership position in certain areas of your life. Or you might take control over a situation. I for see some of you might be in a real committed relationship with this energy . For some of you this person will be older than you . If your already in a relationship than you might be having a more emotional connection with your partner. Or taking your relationship to another level


For some of you thoughts of moving back home or to a previous city or state that you lived at is coming up with this energy . I feel for some of you , you might be put in a position and asked to take care of a family member. I see you being very sentimental with this energy , and I see you enjoying yourself a bit more this week . I feel that for others you have very hard time moving forward with certain areas of your life. Because you need to mourn the relationship or situation before you can move on .  I do see career getting better for some of you. Good news is going to come your in regards to career. I do see you this week helping others for the sake of helping. But the cards feel the same energy you give them. You should give yourself with your goals


As I shuffle the cards 2012 is coming up . So for some of you , might be thinking about a situation that started in 2012. I feel that for some of your relationship might be getting more serious and changing for the better. For some of you , you might be thinking about moving forward with your love relationships. I feel for some of you, I see new love coming and this can be a committed relationship. I also see you are going to have better self control with the emotions this week.  I do see finally a dream coming true in your life, MAZEL. I do see some major decisions are coming up in regards to business collaborations. Or in regards to business partnerships with this energy.


I see money and money worries coming up with this energy . I see some final decisions coming up with money are coming up . I do see that at this time , it's difficult to sway certain people in your life. Just plant the seed in their head and allow someone else to soe it . You need to stay out of the way of any domineering males around you . I do see them puffing their chest out a bit more to you . I do see you staying more to yourself at this time. It's going to affect emotional this week . Try to find balance in your life and socialize with others to help your emotional self.


I feel the focus is on money . There is an emphasis on money matters with this energy . For those of you with social media or business big moves or changes that you made are going to pay off big. Also your money worries maybe affecting your relationships with others so watch how you treat others. People in your life are their to support you emotionally . They are not the enemy. I do see money coming in and career getting better. But knowing this you still have to watch your spending for some of you. This energy is getting you back on your feet.  I do see you being stubborn about certain situations or people because you don't feel like their being fair.


I feel for some of you this is beautiful time for business and career. For some of you , you are being given credit for your work and this could be in the form of ; a pat on the back , money incentive , raise or a plaque on the wall.  At this time you are in a very important position with career. The cards do come with a warning don't bite the hand that feeds you . Because you might get to cocky or to big for your britches , so keep it humble with this energy. I do see more success coming your way my fishies. I see doors that haven't been opened to you before now are opening up for you.  I do see disagreements with family, or lovers coming up with this energy. I do see this is all about control versus your freedom in this relationship. The freedom to do what you want , and when you want. I do see you leaving a particular group of people with this energy at this time