Thursday, July 7, 2016



Change is happening today for  better or worst, so try to go with the flow today. Keep your thoughts positive and delve into the power of prayer with this energy. Money issues can come up with this energy. This can be other people copying your work. Or you dealing with court at this time


At this time your third house is highlighted trust your intuition with this energy. I feel this is a great energy for the power of prayer. You are more of a doer with this energy. Following the bread crumbs that your giving yourself today. Moon in your 12th house, watch your health and emotional self today


Trust your intuition today .  I feel this is a great time for everyone to help you to grow with this energy. You benefit from others at this time. Also don't be scared and ask for help.If you set your thought process to be optimistic today. You'll that this time you'll be led on your journey. So keep your thoughts positive.


Try to go with the flow with this energy. What ever you are putting out into the universe your getting back for better or worst. I feel at this time for some of you. You might be starting over in certain areas of your life. I feel certain situations or even people may no longer suit your life, or they may not be on the same path as you. Just let them go or the situation go, because they are no longer part of your lesson


You need to be careful with this energy . I feel that your home life may become the issue to do or your personal life. You may have to put out some fires with this energy.  You need to watch your emotional self and go with the flow. People may reschedule on you today. Or bring some problem at your door step


You are very convincing with this energy . You are able to explain yourself in such a way that it makes so much sense for others. This is a great time for business negotiations or for those of you in social media or even in sells today .


With this energy you maybe a bit more of shut in at this time. This could be your down where you are recharging your batteries. For some of you . You might realize that you are not suppose to be where you are . Meaning that there are to many obstacles or negativity . Showing you that you are not wanted and not suppose to be there. I feel that some of you maybe thinking about change


With this energy be self aware where you are at and what you are doing . I feel for some of you , you might be a victim of theft or circumstances. Also with this energy , listen to the criticism given back to you in order for you to change.


At this time , you maybe butting heads with your parents or some one who is older than you. At this time with Saturn in your 8th house. I feel the lesson today is going to be about slowing down , and this can affect your health with this this energy . Watch what you say to others or do


The focus is going to be on the home with this energy. Expect the unexpected today in regards to family or the house itself. For some of you this can be in regards to moving with this energy. Or thoughts of moving can come up with this energy


You need to slow your thought process at this time because you are giving to much energy into a situation or making mountains out of mole hills. Where there don't really need to be mountains. I feel with this energy you tend to be a bit needy with certain relationships in your life. Because there is something wrong with the personal life.


With this energy there can be some good news in regards to money. Because emotionally today you are in good head space. You may hear some news that someone been trying to tell you. I feel your initial reaction is going to be allot  different from what they expected. Or how they expected you to take it