Sunday, July 3, 2016



Lots going on this week. I feel at this time money opportunities or investment opportunities maybe consider as lessons. Also with this energy does bring love opportunities into your life this week .  Careful with this energy because your full speed ahead with your ambitions or with your own plans. That it maybe causing problems with your personal relationships. I feel at this time you do have allot of good energy coming to you in regards to career. Try this week to keep it humble. This is a great energy to understand your situation and get more control over your life. With this energy you may gain valuable insight into your journey. Also with this energy careful with the people you surround yourself with or affiliate yourself with . These people  could be taking advantage of you and you might be a bit oblivious to it


I see travelling coming up for some of you. I do see that you can be the doll baby at work. I feel that people at work are more willing to listen to your ideas.I feel communication is your strong point and you are very convincing with this energy. Others are willing to help in regards to projects or cause.   This is also a great time for job interviews. Looking at the cards, I do see a problem that you are dealing with the cards are telling me you may have to deal with it for a while longer. I see that you may have to give up your own needs in order to help someone in your life to grow. This can also be part of your destiny and purpose.


Try not to complain about your relationships especially love . Because you are bringing the evil eye to your love relationship.  I do see at this time you are complaining allot with this energy . Know if you ask nicely for help you should receive it. I do see a women in your life willing to help you. But this person you may not get along with  possibly a family member. I do see your money situation getting better with this energy. Also money opportunities are around you with this energy but you may think about. I do see relationships in your life maybe the reason why , you don't move forward with certain money  opportunities. This may actually be more of a hinderance and stopping you from growing. I do see love opportunities becoming available for you . I do see allot of women in your cards this week. You might be not getting along with one of them


You need to watch your emotional self this week. I feel that because there is so much water in your chart. You might be feeling a bit more sensitive over certain situation especially in regards to career. I feel at this time there are thoughts of quitting and walking away from certain situation. But I feel that at this time it's more of thought than an action. I don't feel like it's affecting your whole entire life but I do see it making you unhappy in that area of your life .I do see this is a great time where you are trying to create  more peace and happiness in your life. I feel that you may be even picking and choosing who you allow in your life. At this time you maybe doing with out certain people in your life in the name of peace and integrity .


New love opportunities can come up for some of you. This can be a serious love relationship. Also for some of you . You can turn a hobby into a money making venture. This is a great time to tap into creativity for financial gains. For some of you this can be in blogs or with social media. Your creative energy is very high , and I do see lots of ideas and different ways to make money. I see some of you fighting and this fight is not making you many friends. I don't see you getting your at this time. But I don't see you giving up with this energy . I do see you getting up and doing battle again till you get your way . I do see those of the focus is more towards your relationships with family. I do see you questioning some of their loyalty to you . Or them questioning your loyalty.


I feel that you are focusing on your own lack. This is causing you to be jealous of others around you. Try to get yourself out of lack consciousness this week .  Don't focus on the competition or where other people are at in their life. Because we all have different journeys to take.  There blessing could be a sign of things to come for you . I see you focusing more on whats going on with other people. This is going to cause emotional problems, and  ruin your alignment with what you want.   I do see property matters and possessions coming up with this energy. I feel that there can be issues around those things.  I do see you delving more into your faith or into the occult the cards are showing me. I do see sparks of miracles happening for you.  


The relationships in your life become the focus. I feel for some of you that you may have to take care of others at this time.Careful with this energy because I feel that others might be trying to use you.  Opportunities for new friendship or love but I feel these people coming into your life. You may feel more of an emotional connection with them. This maybe because they are in your soul circle so your soul is acknowledging their soul.  I do see a difficult situation coming up for you. Your decisions at this time are going to be based on your emotional self. So careful because this reaction is going to create more problem in your life instead of resolution


You might have someone around you , who is a bit critical of you or maybe jealous of your situation. It's best to not talk about yourself this week.  I do see new love coming up but I see you thinking about it. I feel that this person just wants to date nothing serious. I also see another person in the picture where you have a deeper emotional connection with . This might be the soon  to be ex. I feel at this time your just dating. When it comes to a situation in your life. The ball is in your court and you are able to control the person or the situation. You have allot of good energy around you at this time. I feel that this is going to be  a great energy for the law of attraction . I feel other people may help manifest or create your reality


Beautiful energy week surrounds you. I feel that you are more emotionally stable at this time. This can be about money improving with this energy. Also you have a different perspective towards a problem. You are able to find resolution this week with this problem.Plans will work out better than you thought. Love relationships or even work can be a bit fragile this week. Pick and choose your battles with this energy. With this energy despite some small wrenches coming your way . The cards are showing me goodtimes coming your way . I feel this is a great time for job interviews. I feel this is a great time for those in sells. You are very convincing with your arguments, and people are able to see your way of thinking


You have major decisions coming up in regards to the relationships in your life. At this time I feel that you are dealing with the situation and not making any decisions at this time.Or I should say making any moves . I do see this person maybe better for you even though you might not think that way.  I do see that your problems that you think you have are more in your head. I also do see manipulative people around you. I do see you letting go of these people. Once you do, I feel it will remove blockages with your money situation


I see this being a productive time for you, and this can be wtih career or just getting your life back on track. I see the energy or someone with you is being very good to you . I do see an  exciting source of income becoming available to you. For some of you this can be a great week for you. The cards are showing me , that you ended one chapter of your life on a sour note but I do see you starting new chapter. I do see thoughts of breaking up your relationship. I also see someone new in the picture this week . For my single I do see this being a fun time for dating. I feel this lover that is coming up maybe addictive


You need to work on letting go of the past. You are still holding on to something or someone and this is causing blockages in other areas of your life. Good news or great news with career is coming up . For some of you it brings an I told you so attitude or a look at me now energy. I do see on the job training happening this week. For some of you this is someone who's an expert in their field that is teaching you. For others you are delving more into your spirituality or metaphysics this week . I feel at this time you are more focus than ever and determine to follow your path.. Also with this energy focus on what you are doing not where other people are going with this energy