Tuesday, July 19, 2016



Watch your emotional self today for some of you it may affect your health. At this time thoughts of switching career can happen. I feel that some of you this can feel like an overwhelming time.I feel also with this energy be kind to your body and your emotional self. Jupiter is in a bad aspect with the moon in Aquarius. So  it amplifies are emotional self try to relax more and stay grounded today. Give the noise in your head a job today and just let it focus on breathing.


You need to listen to yourself today. You are being asked to pick sides or make decisions today. People are trying to give you advice and guidance at this time. At this time is it that you want to emotionally dump on someone today. You just want to be heard. So careful when talking to others because people want to help fix. May feel some kind of way when your not listening to their decision that they made for you


Careful with not being demanding with others. I feel at this time your not much interested in other people's problems at this time. So some people may get into their feelings about that. I feel the focus is on career and reputation with career. Today you can expect some frustrations in regards to this just be patient.   Mean while , while your waiting you can focus on others


 You might have to argue your point because you might have a bit of word vomit. And you say what ever comes out of your head. Cock those brains also, or think twice when posting that meme or picture today .You might offend others today or just a few not to worry . You can talk your way into and out of anything with this energy  


At this time you maybe nervous in regards to money  issues especially when it comes to money that you might be reluctant to give out. I also see that you may get very inspired by your surroundings and by what you see today. It may make you feel more at peace with this energy or even sentimental


Your relationships are highlighted with this energy . This can be a popular energy time for you. New opportunities can come through with relationships. For some of you who ever needs to leave let them . For others new people coming in with this energy. This can be a very flirty time for you .


I feel this a fun energy time for you. You might be doing something like trying new recipes today  and experiment with food . For others of you , you might be privelage to hear on some good gossip  about someone you know. This is a great time to trust your intuition. At this time some of you are being guided by your intuition so follow those bread comes today. They are putting you on the path you need to be on


Look at your chart this is a fun energy time for you . For some of you , you are very playful today. You bring the fun to work with you to help make everybody's day go by quicker. I also see some of you focusing more on your health.. Which puts you in a better frame of mind today


With this energy you are not in a listening mood with this energy. When left to your own, well that saying while the cats away the mice aka you will play with this energy aka do what you want today.  For some of you , you want to do whats in your own best interest, but at the same time you know that you have obligations to fulfill.  Some of you , you might opportunities are coming up but you have other things that you rather being doing.


Today you have to be more about others and there needs instead of your own.  Some friends maybe emotionally dumping on you at this time, and thats probably all they want to do . You want to fix them and put them back on track. You might get frustrated with other people in that regards. If you find they just want you to hear them out. Give them a time limit on the phone today . Because they are taking your good energy in exchange for their bad. So you might feel a bit lethargic or have a migraine after talking to this person


You got a bit of drama coming your way . I feel at this time you might be at a disagreement with someone. Try to put yourself in their shoes before reaching for a conclusion . I feel this argument may have nothing to do with you or about you . Some how you manage to be in this persons cross fire


Watch your emotional self especially with others or even significant others. Power struggles and control issues are going with this energy and both of you wont budge with this energy.  But if you slow down your way of thinking before quick to react or take offense . It can all be summed up by miscommunication.  Try to communicate clearly today or slow your thinking down to make sure others can understand you