Wednesday, July 27, 2016



Watch your emotional self today. You may feel some way today because you've shared to much of your personal life or yourself to some one. Also make sure to communicate your needs and what you want .  Sometimes what happens to wallflowers is that you can be so giving. But than get upset when that favor is not being returned, and for some of you . You are going through that today


Watch your emotional self in a situation because you aren't able to be objective in a situation. Try to get a second opinion with this situation or try to step back and come back to it later on with a clearer head. Watch your thoughts because you are being obsessed over a situation


Be considerate  of other people's feelings. This will help avoid any pettiness with other people. I feel you benefit from an older lover because they are able to balance you out. I feel for some of you , this is a time were you are questioning certain relationships in your life


Careful with your emotional self you don't like to be told what to do . I feel at this time change is needed in certain areas of your life. Try not to be pushy with others. I feel at this time you might be trying to teach someone or yourself something new but it's not clicking at this time. Patients is needed with this energy


 I feel with this energy today there can be some drama going down especially with mom or dad or those in authorities.At this time you are able to see other people's motivates and you might be calling out on there stuff. I feel also with this energy that you can be very competitive today so watch how you treat others.


You need to watch your emotional self today because you can be controlling with your relationships.  I feel also try to be open minded because you are very stuck in your head. I feel your insecurities are coming up even more today so try to stay out of your head


With this energy your being guided by your intuition. Dreams tonight can provide some insight into your situation. Or you may receive guidance when delving into your hobbies or tapping more into your creativity . You need to be careful how you to talk to others, because you say whats on your mind. Your honesty might bite you back


With this energy you may assert yourself in a different but try to acknowledge other people's feelings too. With this energy you are being asked to slow down the train today . Be a bit more open minded to other people and what they are saying. Some past hurts may come up now. Take time out to acknowledge those hurts and remove them


You still have that beautiful earth trine going on in your sign .  You still have this beautiful manifesting energy so try to keep your thoughts positive today . Your nervous energy can come out today because your unconscious thoughts want to be heard and your conscious mind doesn't want to intrigue them. Problems with family members can arise today


You have a beautiful earth trine energy brings about some positive changes for some of you. Plant those seeds today because you can reap what you sow. Also with this energy try to stay in alignment with your good energy . Because you need to watch your emotional self today .  Try to let go of any resentment that you hold to others it's not worth holding on too


Change is happening today but it's more in your favor, so allow what ever it is going on in your life to happen. There is a reason for everything . Advancement in career happen with your association with women.Trust your intuition with this enregy . You are able to guide others with their vision and also you are able to guide yourself today


You maybe receiving allot of text messages from friends or family to come out and get together with them. Also with this energy you might be receiving more positive attention at work. You work better anyways today with a good pat on the back, or someone telling you what a good job your doing