Monday, July 25, 2016


Tonight at 10pm Est live on the youtube. I will be having a prayer session also before the prayer session prayer request tonight . 


You need to be careful with your relationships. You might not be trusting in your relationships or you maybe possessive with relationships. Relationships can leave your life or end at this time because you might be a bit in your feelings today. Or you might be reading into things.


Watch your emotional self because you may have some anxieties or feel over whelmed with this energy.  For some of you , you may feel the need to decorate your surroundings a bit more by putting a plant in the office. You feel more of a need to be with nature or some how connected to nature today. For others of you this a great day to do something outside or even clean


I feel that the focus is on children or people who are younger than you. You may be extra sweet to everyone and going out of your way for others. Or doing something special for them. I feel also this is a great time to socialize.You might be a bit more out and about and talking to others


You have the part of fortune conjunct with the moon in your 3rd house. Watch your words because thoughts become things. For some of you , you are being guided by your intuition today. Also the moon doesn't do well in the sign of Taurus. So make sure to keep yourself in check and don't go popping off at the mouth, yes honey. Sip that coffee in first thing


Change can be happening today but you are being stubborn with the changes coming up .Either because it wasn't your idea or you had no say in it. Difficulties with children can come up not getting along with them at this time, or power struggles with them


Not the best placement for the moon in your first house. Watch for mood swings with this energy. This is a great time to work on your relationships with others, especially those people in your life you need to get along with . With this energy you are in better spirits and working on business ventures and goals


Watch your emotional self especially in regards to work. Need rules can make you feel tension or even a bit of depression because you feel to restrictive. Or you may feel restricted in relationships.  Also with this energy, it brings plans to create get togethers with others. Or you might be going out after work with this energy


Careful with your spending today this is a great time for money coming in but as quickly as you get is as quickly as it leaves. Also you express yourself creatively through your work. For some of you , you may start on fun art projects at work or even at home


You need to watch your emotional self , you may be a bit more reactive at this time because you also need a bit of quite time . This is a great time to be more to yourself and a bit more reflective on certain situations going on in your life. Also with this energy , you maybe butting heads with others. Because it's very hard for you to see other people's way of thinking. At this time let others make the mistakes they are going to make


You have a beautiful earth trine today with the part of fortune. This would be a great day to get your juju so watch words today. I feel you are in better spirits in general with this energy. For some of you, you might feel the need to pull yourself out of your depression today


At this time you need to communicate your feelings today. If you are not saying whats on your mind . Your going to get upset with others with this energy. Say what you mean and mean what you say today or else it's going to create allot of miscommunications and unnecassary fights today. Also misoportunities can come up  


Moon in the sign of Taurus in the fourth house not the best energy for airbenders. Watching for mood swings with this energy. A great time for business or career because you'll be allot more busier today and lots to do. You are really focus on the task at hand just get out of your  way