Thursday, July 14, 2016



Careful with your relationships at this time. I feel that you are going through it emotionally and others can feel that from you too. I feel at this time anyone who has to leave your life at this time let them. Your not in the best place emotionally today . Try not to watch what other people have. We are all going through but some of us just don't think about it or talk about it


At this time you are just or following your intuition today.This is a time where you are being led and you know exactly what to do today. I do see for some of you , you are sending an olive branch to friends. Or reach out to old friends you have not spoken too in a while


With this energy you are very generous with your time, and resources with others . For some of you the focus is more on your relationships with this energy. I do see you definitely helping out some one in your life.


At this time for some of you. You might be asked to do something , you have no interest in doing. I feel that you are going to feel some kind of way about it. I also see at this time. You need to figure out what is you want from someone else. Is it a relationship? or is it companionship? I see those types of questions coming up


Major decisions today are coming up in regards to collaborations or in regards to relationships. Also with this energy this is a great time for career. I do some major changes happening today careful with the decisions that you make.


At this time you are questioning other people in regards to their loyalty or friendship to you. Today you might decide not to speak to some people in your life at this time. I do see you feeling used with some people at work. You might get conned into doing their shift mean while your hearing about a party they are going too


There can be some frustrations at this time with career. You know where you should be but your not seeing it. You do all this work and for what. At this time don't allow yourself to fall into that conversation in your head. Because this is situation is temporary and than things get better


Today is a fun energy time for you . I feel for some of you , you might be hearing from old friends or exs or even reaching out to them today . I feel at this time it's easier for you to express your hurt feelings and work towards a resolution with others


I feel with this energy you are going through a period be it temporary. Where you need change in your life. This maybe moving forward in the next chapter in your life today. Or wanting to move to the next level in a relationship.


I do see you giving out apologies to people at work today . Having deep conversation about each others feelings . You are able to explain yourself and your way of thinking at this time. Today you might not getting along with certain people in your life. Because you are either all over the place with your ideas or what you are doing . You might seem a bit disorganize to them. Or for some of you might be a bit too controlling with others


All work and no play may make crabs a dull boy or girl today. You are in a playful mood with this energy . You may put off certain things that you are supposing to be doing today . At this time your fun side is speaking and will power went out the window


Some exciting things are coming up today that can break up your routine. For some of you , you are in a better emotional space today and can't wait to go out and be seen. Even though you will be that person by 10 pm is complaining it's late and you want to go to bed