Tuesday, July 26, 2016



The moon still in Taurus forming a beautiful  earth trine for you. Great time to start new projects, partnerships and business endeavors. Beautiful energy keep your thoughts positive today. Because you may find that your thoughts become things today.


You have a beautiful earth trine today with moon in Taurus . This is a very good energy time for you . I feel at this time this energy brings growth for career, and also a great time for collaborations or receiving help from other people with this energy. Or this  can be a great time for get togethers with old or new friends


You have a beautiful earth trine with the moon in Taurus. This is a great time for career and business with this energy .This is a great time to start creative projects in regards to career. Also with this energy you may be receiving extra attention at work or in regards to social media. You might be trendy today


This is a beautiful energy where you are in better spirits today and you might be a bit more sociable with this energy. You have to much good happening to you on an astrological level. To allow anyone or what anyone does ruin your day. So instead of breaking your good energy alignment. Just use this affirmation ,"Everything is good, I'am good so everything is good." To try to stay in alignment with the things you want


You have a beautiful earth trine with the Moon in Taurus , still watch your emotional self. This is a busy time for you especially in regards to business or if you are focus on a particular goal or situation in your life. You tend to get reactive when wrenches get thrown in your way . I feel this is a beautiful energy time where things seem to be turning around for you. Just remember to be humble when all the good is coming in


Expect the unexpected today in regards to career or money today. For some of you things in your life can turn around in a blink of an eye today . Doors can open that never open for you before . Today this can be a time were your luck starts to turn for the better. It seems that things seem to be more in your favor


Beautiful earth trine with your 2,6,10 houses. This is a great time to start new projects and a great time to hear about good news coming your way . Also with this energy you jump on opportunities that present themselves at this time.


The moon in your house is forming a beautiful earth trine . You are in a playful and creative mood with this energy. There's allot of emphasis on business today and the focus is more towards home and family . Your only difficulty today is finding financial support with business endeavors or problems with loans. Also with this energy you might find not everyone is on board with your ideas


Today you might be wanting to make changes in certain areas of your life. This is more of a time of reevaluation. For some of you , you may have plateau with career or with your journey. So now you need to look inward. And also question what are the emotional changes, do I need to make in order to grow?


For some of you today you are making decisions in regards to career or life direction. Today you maybe involve more in your friends life especially in regards to their problems. I feel at this time with this energy you get more fulfillment when helping others or taking care of your friends.


Watch your emotional self today, because even though your pretending to be fine or over a situation your body language is saying another thing. This may cause problems with relationships or with people at work. At this time you might not be talking to certain people in your life. Because you know time and space apart is what you need for your sanity


You are more empathetic with this energy and you can read into situations a bit better and understand where others are coming from.  This is a great energy for self empowerment.You allow others in today and see your vulnerable side. Now the problem is you trying not to end the relationship. Because you revealed to much of yourself to them