Sunday, April 9, 2017




I feel with this energy, you are reevaluating certain relationship in your life. For some of you, this is thinking about making certain endings. I feel with this energy, there can also be second chance with relationships. And also some positive life altering changes happening this week. For those of you in business I see money coming in at this time. For others of you this can be getting a job but don't be picky at this time. For others you need to watch your spending during this time period


I feel with this energy, this would be a good time for court ,litagations or peaceful negotiations. I see something working out in your favor and the stress of it all being gone. I also see something heavy on your mind at this time, that you are going to be mulling over for a while. I see your communications skills are very strong with this energy, for good or evil. I see at this time what ever is that you are focusing on. Your world is working for it to happen for you.


Not the easiest energy. I see you butting heads with others. I see confrontation  or others being critical of you. But at the end of the day, you get what you want. Know that there is something good at the end of the rainbow, grin a bare for a minute. I do see love opportunities happening this week. I also see you letting go of the past, or bad habits. Stay out of the gossip pool because someone will throw you under the bus this week, and it's not worth it. I feel this is pointing towards work. I feel also someone getting credit for your work, or this can be someone copying you

I feel this can be a fabulous week for you. For some of you this energy brings about reconciliation with relationships. You'll be focusing on working hard to save your relationship.  You can be receiving good news with this energy. Something you 've been wanting like since forever will come into your grasp this week. For some of you this is a good time for court this week . I do see other people guiding you , if you have no plan or goals. Others will put you on a journey till you decide what you want to do. For others of you this is you going on your jouney and moving forward towards your goals.

I see a second source of income for some of you. Or this can be getting a job this week. I do see either you or the energy is being very giving to you this week. For some of you, you can be receiving recognition for your or your creativity .For some of you this could be mud slinging going on especially with your good name. So try to stay quiet because sometimes it  goes away very quickly. For others of you watch what you say to others. For some of you, becareful who you follow blindly because they could be leading you down the wrong path


This is a good time for business, or extra money coming in . But as quickly as that money comes in is as quickly as it is gone. So watch your spending this week. For others of you , this can be you putting money back into your business. I see you spending money on something like a hobby or things that you like that bring you comfort. I do see this being a good time for investment opportunities. You can be more about your free time or your freedom with this energy. So you could feel stuck in certain areas of your life

I see you revisiting certain relationships at this time. This is for your soul to get closure and move on, so at this time you need this experience. So your soul can be okay and be ready to move , granted for some of you this can be several tries.I feel you could be teaching someone a valuable lesson with this energy. This a great time for online business or those of you in the social media or media. I feel also there are somethings that you want to do but your intuition is at a yellow light . Caution and slow down and review during this time period


This is a popular energy time for you in general. I see recognition for your work or your art.  There could be some major decisions in regards to move at this time. But at this time it's more of a thought than an action. I feel you could be doing something to spite others but you might just shoot off your own foot. For others you are carrying a burden that your going to have to carry for a little while longer. I see also you have a green light on something that you want to do but your not going to do at this time in your life. For others of you this is your love relationship being fragile. Or you are intriguing other suitors at this time.


For some of you good news with love relationships is happening. You could be taking your relationship to the next level. For some of you this is good news in regards to your living situation, you could find a roommate this week. Or you could find a place to move to this week. For some of you, you are on a verge of a creative break through . For others of you this is focusing more on work, or you can be a perfectionist with your career.


I see you getting what you want. I see fullfillment at this time, but your not at of the woods yet. Your communications skills are very powerful .For some of you a lover might be out of town for the next two week. I see you being involved in a scandal or being gossip about. I feel for others of you, you could be more on your social media pages, or communicating more on  line . For others of you this is the stress of getting a loan this week. But I feel it will happen. I do see you being very giving with this energy so careful because I do see regret or getting your hand bit.


You need to watch your reactive self because you are not making the best decisions at this time. So try to get a second opinion before acting upon them. I do see if you 've been having money worries that those money worries will get resolved. I see you creating your own reality this week. I do see you questioning your relationships with others especially the women in your life. You could be reevaluating those relationships or even creating space or boundaries between you two .


This can be a good time for business or career, I see thoughts of future , future coming in. I see some of you getting a job this week . I see others of you thinking up money making ideas at this time. This is more of thought than an action. I see emotional stability happening this could be because your money situation is starting to turn around or career is starting to get better and promising growth at this time. For others of you I see love opportunities but your not so quick to jump, so trust that intuition , patience is a virtue. This could be the ex coming back into the picture.