Monday, April 17, 2017




TUESDAY : This can be you starting new projects with this energy, or making things happen today. What ever you've been putting off you finally take care of it in your personal. For others of you this is sticking to a routine or even delving more into your spirituality. For others of you , you have the physical energy to tend to your household

WEDNESDAY : You could be more focus on your goals and projects with this energy. You are a great problem solver and you are able to see outside the box. For others of you, you are taking care of other people's problems. For some of you, others lean on you more for support and guidance
THURSDAY :This can be a good time for school with this energy, or even updating yourself on your career. For some of you this is a good time for on the job training. You benefit through others with this energy. For some of you, your relationships are fragile so careful how you react towards certain people


TUESDAY :You could be learning some life lessons, or watching or hearing some life lessons. These are lessons that you promise yourself , you wont do towards others. You need to relax when it comes to others. Some people may feel like their crowding you. Others could be messing up your way of doing things. You have to communicate that you like things a particular way. So you can perform well out work  

WEDNESDAY :This energy taps your north node in the fifth house energy . You are playing office politics at work. You know what people expect of you and what they are looking. You stick to the rules and follow the rules of the game to a T. You could be a stickler for rules

THURSDAY :This could be good news with career coming up, or positive talks about growth with career. For others of you this could be starting a new business, or even updating your website. For some of you , a popular energy time. Lots of communication going on with the women in your life. For others of you , this can be spending more time on the social media pages


TUESDAY :Good news is coming in today. Positive talks about travelling or this could be transferring to a different part of the company. For others of you this is a popular energy time for you. This can be with media or social media but all eyes are on you today

WEDNESDAY :For some of you this can be a difficult time for travelling. Today this is about getting your personal affairs in order. This can be a very busy day for you. You can feel the challenges of the day , so watch your emotional self with this energy. Because you are trying to rush through your day

THURSDAY :You are being guided by your intuition with this energy. For some of you, you could find thoughts become things today. You can hear some positive talks with career. This energy brings career growth or opportunities for growth. For others of you this can be on the job training. Today you could be working towards special career goals

TUESDAY : You need to make it about others in your life. You need to be a bit more sensitive to other people's needs. Or you need to compromise with those you live with . There could be power struggles with mother or the women in your life.

WEDNESDAY :For some of you, you could be getting back on track with good habits or diets or even working on changing the emotional self. For some of you this is a good time for business and career . For others of you , you could be working over time at work, or with your business.

THURSDAY :Change is happening today . This can be hearing news from family. You can be feeling left out or affected by the news with this energy. Difficulties with mother are coming up for some . Or this could be a women in your life who's trying to get to much in your business.


TUESDAY :For some of you, you could be more focus on career with this energy. For others of you this communicating with those you haven't heard from in a while. For some of you, you are more about your traditions or you could be using your family traditions as median to express yourself through art.
WEDNESDAY :You can be working or starting on your goals or projects. You could be creating a closeness with new relationships. For others of you, you could be taking coworkers at work and treating them more like family. For others of you, you are nurturing talent that you see in certain people or this could be talent that you see in your children and nurturing it .

THURSDAY :For some of you, you need to let go of control or stop being on top of others. You can be more to yourself with this energy. Someone could say something that makes you stop sharing your feelings or thoughts with others . You could be looking for loyalty with relationships


TUESDAY :You can be more about your play, your social life, or there could be a new love with this energy. You are all about your play today, so work or focusing on work can be difficult. For others of you, you are more concern about what others thinking of you, or about your image

WEDNESDAY :Careful with over working it can affect your health. You need to slow your way of thinking because you are quick to react. Not the easiest energy for partnerships or relationships. You are unable to see clearly when it comes to love relationships or certain friendships in your life. For some reason you want to avoid all the red flags or not question their actions.Others are seeing what you do want to see. So keep their warnings in the back of your mind and tread carefully. For others of you, your mate or friendship may not be what you picture in your head.  

THURSDAY :You could be reevaluating certain chapters of your life that you didn't close. May be called to your attention because you need to work on closing certain chapters in your life and move on. For some of you , you could be a bit self indulgent, there could be travelling going on or plans to travel with this energy.


TUESDAY :You are an example to others, and people in your life look up to you. May even come to you for support or advice with this energy. I feel with this energy, your not getting along with certain relationships. Both have differing opinions, but can you agree to disagree is the question?

WEDNESDAY : This would be a great time for media or social media. Your communications skills are very powerful. This is a great time for energy shift to happen. You could find less restrictions  and things that you want to happen seem to run smoothly today

THURSDAY :For some of you, things that you want to happen are coming along . You feel more in control of your life. You could be put in a leadership position. Or you could feel that you have more of a life purpose . Your hard work and perseverance is paying off.


TUESDAY :Change is happening today for some of you this is in regards to move. You can see what is hidden today. You get right to the heart of the matter, and you help others to see what's really going on . You make sense of certain situations.

WEDNESDAY :There could be power struggles with certain situations. You may feel like certain relationship are being restrictive. OR they aren't delivering what they say they were going ot deliver. Patience is needed during this time. It doesn't mean it's not happening , it's not happening at this time. Try to change your way of thinking

THURSDAY :For some of you this is reconnecting with family , you haven't spoke to you for a long time. For others of  you this is a great time for business or career. You could feel like you have more of a purpose. For some of you, you could be more about your freedom. And focusing on things you like to do . For others of you this is breaking out of your routine and doing something different.


TUESDAY : It's best to stay out of other people's drama. For some of you , you can be idealistic with certain situations or with certain people. Which is fine but at the same time try to be practical. You could be making promises you can't keep. Or don't believe everything everyone be based on facts with this energy not words

WEDNESDAY :Who ever has to leave your life let them. You might start to understand who your real friends are. You want to do something but others may not be on board with your ideas. You could be pushy with your ideas or wants , and you could find that this may start a fight. Learn to compromise with this energy.

THURSDAY :Not the easiest energy. Because you are being ask to change something about your self that you don't want to look at , or you don't want to deal with. In order for you to be closer to your true self you have to own your ugly. This is an opportunity to understand why you do certain things or act or react to certain situations , this is a good thing

TUESDAY :Watch your emotional self with this energy. Love relationships can be difficult at this time. You need to have open communication. For some of you, you could be put in a rock and hard place if you don't speak up. Don't let others talk you into things you don't want to do

WEDNESDAY :The focus could be more about property matters or even thoughts of moving can come up. You stand up for certain rights or you look out for certain people that can't fight for themselves. You could be more about the greater good with this energy. For some of you, you can be more about guiding certain people in your life

THURSDAY : You could be more open and honest about your past or about certain things you 've been holding back. For some of you this is receiving good news, and having thoughts of future , future, future. For others of you, you could be talking more about future or what you want to see happen


TUESDAY : You are protective of your friends and family, and don't allow anyone to talk negatively about them. You are quick to stick up for others. You could be detaching yourself from certain ideas or ways of doing things. You aren't giving certain things power anymore. You are more about a greater purpose, and being more open minded.

WEDNESDAY :Watch your emotional self, get a second opinion. You might not be getting along with certain people in your life. For others of you, you want to be right but you have to allow others to do things there way. For others of you, you could be having great on line debates that ruin your day

THURSDAY :There could be miscommunications going on with this energy. Don't expect things to go right to do . Because you could be rushing the energy and try to rushing things along and missing important documents. You can be thinking about money making ideas with this energy


TUESDAY :This is a beautiful opportunity for some of you to come more into yourself. This is through comforting certain things or acknowledging certain things about yourself. Or changing certain habits and for others of you, this is through challenges. Through those trials they help you acknowledge your true powers. So at this time you are going through some situation that you have to deal with by yourself.  

WEDNESDAY :You can be lazy with this energy, and putting off certain things for another time. For others of you, your mind could be cluttered and certain things going on can seem a bit confusing. You have a difficult time getting yourself organize and you may need someone to help you get organize. For others of you, you are checking out because things seem over whelming

THURSDAY : There could be tension with love relationships. Because your not spending time with them or they could feel like your ignoring their needs. This could be a busy time for you with career or business with this energy . For some of you, you could be more about your needs, and for others of you , you could be more about the greater good