Wednesday, April 5, 2017




FRIDAY :I feel with this energy, you have the physical energy to get things done. What ever you set your mind to works out. This energy can also bring about new beginnings. This can also be good news with career, business or school coming up with this energy

SATURDAY:You might not being getting along with certain people in your life. Some of your relationships can become stronger or create more of a stronger foundation.This would also be a good time for business or career. You have the ability to get things done with this energy    

SUNDAY : The focus can be towards making positive changes with your health and well being . For some of this is changing your diet or  reading some self help books. For others of you are more open minded to other people's way of doing things. Or you are more willing to listen to them.

MONDAY : Change is happening you could be initiating these changes so watch your emotional self.You could be feeling stuck in your career, current situation, or relationship with this energy. You allow things to affect you a bit to much with this energy. Try not to focus on what you don't like or whats causing you to feel stuck. Focus on the things that make you happy.  

FRIDAY : You have a trine forming with your fifth house,so you can get done things you don't want to do deal. When you are more based on your reality you allot accomplish  or sparks of miracles. I feel at this time certain things that were moving along wonderfully may all of a sudden stop. People may stop talking about it , so at this time go more with the flow. Instead of forcing things to happen

SATURDAY: Beautiful earth trine energy this can be getting things done that you've been avoiding. This can be taking care of business with personal matters. Or you can  take charge with certain things or not allow yourself to be walked on and stand up for yourself. You can feel empowered with this energy

SUNDAY :You can be very curious about a particular subject.You have allot of planets in the sign of Aries so you can be restless with this energy. You can be a bit chatty with this energy. I feel with this energy you can also be in a optimistic and have the physical energy to get things done.

MONDAY :For some of you this is a difficult time with your relationships especially family relationships or with roommates. For some of you  this energy bring changes with career, either getting a new job .By exploring alternatives to conventional methods, you can further your reach, maintain a fresh perspective, and create a spark.


FRIDAY :For some of you this is new love coming in. For others of you wooing someone new or current love relationship. You need to learn to emotionally connect with others . For some of you making emotional connections with others can be a  difficult thing for you to do.  

SATURDAY:You need to keep it honest and real with certain relationships especially family. For others of you what people are saying is not making sense to you at this time. The focus is more towards your home or personal life.

SUNDAY : Issues with children can come up or they might need more of your attention. For others of your this could be relationships problems coming. With this energy you could be saying whats really on your mind with this energy You can be doing things that make you happy, or that promote more positivity in your life

MONDAY : For some of you , this is breaking down some old structure and you may have to start rebuilding or doing things differently. For others of you this is starting over in certain areas of your life. Relationship in general can be difficult at this time. Who ever needs to leave your life let them leave.


FRIDAY :At this time you are emotionally going through it and your not saying whats on your mind with this energy. The moon has allot of tension at this time. So it's best to speak up and to speak about your feelings. OR else it's going to blow up all over place. For some of you , you really mad about one thing in your life, but your masking it with something else . Try to be honest with your feelings.

SATURDAY:For some of you the focus is more towards your children and being there  for them. For others of you , you can be putting all your focus on a new love relationship or new friendship. Don't forget your older ride and die friends.

SUNDAY :For some of you, you are looking more from your career. And you could be frustrated that you are not where you should be with career.  Watch your emotional self with this energy. You can be more about your needs. You can be more about your emotional self with this energy

MONDAY :I feel with this energy, you could be questioning other people motives or you can have a difficult time seeing the reality of the situations. At this time you can be more about your needs and happy. You could even speak up more when it comes to what you want or your feelings. For some of you this is turning a positive corner in the right direction. Or giving yourself more of a voice


FRIDAY :I feel with this energy you can be a bit lazy or not interested in doing work.You might not get very much done with this energy. You might feel a bit sorry for yourself with this energy. For some of you try to get yourself out and about, or start to get yourself into your routine

SATURDAY:For some of you, you have the energy to get things done. For others of you this is starting a routine or changing a habit. For others this is a good time with business or career . You may find that you are in a more leadership position with work

SUNDAY :You need to watch your emotional self with this energy. I feel you can be very sensitive with this energy. You can take things to personally at this time. For others of you, you may need to change habits or old habits at this time are no longer working for you. The old way of doing things may need to stop.

MONDAY : For some of you receiving good news, or this can be certain doors starting to open for you.  For some of you try not to take things that other people say to seriously. Especially family members can be a bit critical or seem to be harsh but it could be them being concern about you


FRIDAY :With this energy  you need to be more about facts and what's really going on instead of assuming. For some of you, you benefit through relationships in general today. For others of you, you can be bonding with someone new or allowing someone into your world.

SATURDAY: You can be in a better head place with this energy.You need to keep your energy positive because sparks of miracles can happen. I feel you can be to much energy into something that has been done and now it's over. But yet your still talking about it, and giving it life . Work on letting go because it's doing you more harm than good.

SUNDAY :I feel with this energy close personal relationships can create allot of tension. You may be need to talk about issues that are difficult for you or to revealing. Or this can be you having to give up something or someone because they aren't healthy for you

MONDAY :For some of you, you could benefit through media or social media. This can be a difficult time for business or career with this energy. For some of you, you want to be more in control of your life, or you don't like to be told what to do.  


FRIDAY :With this energy you can get to the bottom of things. For some of you truth will be revealed. You can help others see better especially in areas of their life that are difficult. You shed light on what they need to do to change or work on themselves. For some of you, you make a great counselor or mentor or healer.  

SATURDAY:This can be a time for new experience or new people coming in . Can open you up to a different way of thinking. You can be very creative with this energy. For some of you this revisiting old projects. Or you can be inspired by others to create

SUNDAY : Careful with health because it's dictated by your emotional self, and it may flair up.  Involvements with groups or unique people may serve as a catalyst to an awareness that there is more to life than meets the eye. Dreams can play an important role now.

MONDAY : For some of you the energy can get confrontational during this time period. Make sure to communicate your feelings and don't be such a "Yes person", speak up . If it bothers of you say something. Change is happening or there could be some unexpected news with family


FRIDAY : For some of you, you have a unique relationship or bond with certain people in your life. They may go above or beyond for you. You can have a unique connection with relationships to the point of finishing each other sentences. Or you knowing to call that person because you can sense something is wrong.  

SATURDAY: You have two beautiful earth trine with the moon and the north node in Virgo. So this is you benefiting through others with this energy. You can have positive talks or conversation that are more in your favor with this energy. Second chances can come up with this energy, or missed opportunities can present themselves.  For some of you, others come through for you with this energy

SUNDAY : For some of you this is a great time to emotionally connect with certain relationships. You can be spending time hanging out with new people in your life. For some of you, this is focusing more on your home. If you've been a hermit or a bit lazy now you are more about getting off the social media and more out and about than usual
MONDAY : This energy is making positive changes with career, or business. You can find your true calling with this energy.  You might be more about your play than work. It's hard for you to focus on things that need to get done. You tend to procrastinate with this energy


FRIDAY : Careful with relationships because you might not be getting along with certain people in your life. For some of you this is rehashing old situations from people coming back into your life. These are not going to get resolve so either forgive and forget or forgive and let go  

SATURDAY:With this energy it could be difficult to find balance between focusing on what you want and your home life. Watch your emotional self because you tend to be restless with this energy. Or you can be beating up yourself with this energy because you are not where you are at this time  

SUNDAY : For some of you watch your emotional self because it can flair up your health issues. Also for some of you , you can be doing volunteer work , or working outside like gardening or working on your car. For others of you , you can be doing more outdoorsy things

MONDAY : You need to trust your intuition with this energy. This energy brings endings and new beginnings with this energy. Also you can have prophetic dreams with this energy. You might have to address or deal with certain issues that you've been avoiding .


FRIDAY : For some of you this energy can bring unexpected turn of events in your favor or some good news. For others of you the ball can be in your court and you can find yourself calling the shots with certain people or situations.  

SATURDAY:The focus is more towards real estate, home business, or property or even with home and family. I feel you are more about ideas and philosophical matters. You are not about being put into crisis mode. There could be some situations where you might need someone else to take the wheel while you emotionally check out. You are not dealing with problems today, you are bit more in your dream life today

SUNDAY :Watch your emotional self, I feel that you could rub others the wrong way because your not about doing favors. For some of you , this can be you creating boundaries but instead of telling people how you feel. Your kind of yelling at others today. Try to communicate the reasons why your cutting them off than walk away

MONDAY :This energy brings about endings and new beginnings . For some of you this is emotionally coming into your own power. You could be put in a leadership position or this is creating boundaries with others in order for you to create more peace.


 FRIDAY :You have a better perspective into someone else problem and you can also see big picture with this energy. For others of you, you are being guided by your intuition . Sometimes you need to be brutally honest in order for others to really understand where you are coming from.

SATURDAY:For some of you, you can be sticking up for those in your life. For some of you, you could be involved in a conversation that it involves your friend or relative. But you are not having that  and are quick to defend them with this energy.

SUNDAY :At this time don't make plans you can't keep. You could have a difficult time sticking to a routine with this energy or getting anything done today.  You need to watch your emotional self with this energy. You are to busy looking towards the future and not being based on your reality. For others of you this is dealing with a dominate person that is being to bossy with you

MONDAY : Watch your emotional self for some of you this energy brings about a midlife crisis. You are allowing situations that are out of your control, or nothing has transpired yet to affect. Try to detach yourself from situations that cause problems. You have an opportunity to take charge of your life


FRIDAY :For some of you this can be a social time for you. You can be privy to some good information about what's coming up with career, or the office politics. For others of you this is receiving  information on what you need to work on to help you grow with career or this can be with business.

SATURDAY:This is a great energy to get things done. For some of you a positive time for business. Initiating new projects with this energy. Business or career can be very positive but at this time try to humble it down. So you can be more about others or bigger picture.

SUNDAY :Get the hell out of your head today. You can be trying way to hard at doing good , being good , and seeing good that you could be snapping at others. Try to go more with the flow and don't be hard on your self. For others of you this can be quitting a habit and going through symptoms of withdraw with this energy

MONDAY : This can be a slow day for business with this energy. Careful with your spending or being to generous with your time or resources because you can be resentful later. For some of you , you benefit through others this week.For others of you, could have a new website or some new strategy when it comes to business or career