Monday, April 10, 2017




TUES :There is an emphasis on your relationships today. So new friendships or love relationships could be coming in. For others of you, who ever needs to leave your life let them leave. For others of you this can be change for the better so go more with the flow today.

WEDNESDAY : Not the easiest day watch your emotional self. Business could be slow during this time. Persistency with what you want pays off. You can be more about your needs during this time. Try not to run over others in the process. Slow the train down and acknowledge other people.

THURSDAY :Careful with love relationships because you tend to associate them with power struggles so try to go more with the flow or try to be adaptable in the name of peace.  You can be more attracted to people in power or intense people today


TUES :You can be focus on work or to busy in your head, so any wrenches that get thrown you tend to react. You can be accident prone with this energy or forgetful. You need to be more flexible or you need to be adaptable to your new situation. Change is happening but your fighting it

WEDNESDAY :At this time keep it real with others, be honest. Because this can be a confusing time try to be more about facts. You need to be more about facts and what is actually happening than what be our saying. Because you tend to over react with this energy, or do things that you may regret

THURSDAY : Watch your emotional self today. You can be accident prone with this energy or not paying attention to what you are doing. You are more about your needs at this time and not looking at big picture. For some of you this is refusing to stay late for work while they are slammed and short one person. Or this can be you being more about your money situation and you don't want to help out others.


TUESDAY: You could here come unexpected news about friends or this can be problems with relationships in general. Who ever needs to leave your life at this time let them leave. You are conflicted between your wants and the needs of others or your responsibility, so you can feel restless with this energy . Don't make promises you don't want to keep today
WEDNESDAY :Others can be testing you , or seeing where your boundaries are at with them. For others expect the unexpected today.For some of you, people in your life could be going through a difficult time. You are more of helper today and you sympathize with their plight and what they are going through . You make a good counselor putting things into perspective for others

THURSDAY : You can be receiving good news today with this energy. For others of you, you can be more about your family and being put in a leadership position with family. For others of you, this is  a great time for media or social media. You could be trendy today or receive allot of likes.


TUESDAY: You can be obsessing about past relationships or thinking about the past. For some of you this romanticizing your past relationships. For others of you, there could be having power struggles with relationships. Or you could be looking for a love relationship with more substance/

WEDNESDAY : Any risk that you take now proves favorable for you. You do have good decision making skills. You could take work to seriously or you can be micromanaging your family lives today. Try to go more with the flow with this energy. For others of you, you could be dealing with depression because you take everything so seriously

THURSDAY :Moon in Scorpio is forming a water trine. So this can be a fabulous day or this day can ride you like a bronco on a Tuesday. Like a rhinestone cowboy. This can be a great time for those of you in social media or media. Or this can be a popular energy time for you in general. You could be making weekend plans, and everyone wants to see you this weekend.

♌ LEO 

TUES : Your nervous energy is high today. You could be trying to keep the peace or deal with people you don't get along with. For others you , you don't want to fight or argue with others. Your not going to go along with what they want but your not going to argue about it either.

WEDNESDAY :You could be having power struggles with children or the men in your life. At work you could be restricted on what you can say or how you talk to others. So cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off. Watch how you treat others because people may call you out on that

THURSDAY : For some of you, you could be wanting an adventure and setting off on one. For others of you this separating yourself from family members, this can be the age rang of 20-25. For others of you thoughts or talks of moving can come up with this energy.


TUES :Don't allow others to put you in crisis mode. Or you could be talk into something that you don't want to do. There seems to be tension with the men in your life or those who are older than you or those in authority. Try not to test others today

WEDNESDAY :For some of you, you could be quitting certain habits or changing the emotional self. You have the ability to read others, and also to heal others with this energy. For others of you, you have the ability to communicate . You can talk your way into and out of anything. Great energy for those in sells

THURSDAY : This can be the best day ever. Sparks of miracles can happen at this time. Play lotto win $5 dollar ticket. You are being guided by your intuition with this energy. Second chances can happen with this energy. Certain doors that were once close to you may open up.


TUES : Change is happening and this could be with relationships. At this time there is disagreements or power struggles happening over money, or even with court. For others of you , you need to be careful how you speak to others because your not going to get your way with spit and vinegar. For some of you this can be dealing with a loss or separation.
WEDNESDAY : Trust your intuition with this energy. Wherever a problem exists, you typically have access to a wide range of options. Faith can underlie whatever you attempt during this cycle, or it may strengthen due to events that bring it forward. 

THURSDAY : For some of you, your worries and fears are all for nothing. So careful with your reactive self because your working yourself up mean while everything works out.  For some of you, you could be starting new projects or business ventures, and for others of you a great time for business and career


TUES :You can feel like you have more of purpose in your life. Or you meant to be there , today you  can see there is a reason for everything. For some of you this is following your intuition. This would be a great time for business or career. Good news comes your way today

WEDNESDAY :Until you learn how to express your love for others, you feel guilty and uneasy. You're a hard, dedicated worker who prefers doing things the tried and true way and you're able to inspire others through your dedication.

THURSDAY : Relationships can be difficult this is people coming into your life, people leaving your life and people returning . Important changes may happen during this period, although the shifts that you may undergo often come from within rather than on an external level. Yet the insights that can appear should help you to move forward.


TUESDAY : Today can be a bit challenging with family .  For some of you this is being more adaptable to them. For some of you, you might realize who has more control, and adjust accordingly. Who ever needs to leave your life at this time let them. Remember the tongue is mightier than the sword. So choose your words wisely.

WEDNESDAY :You need to get your facts first before you start jumping to conclusions. Your motto is today shoot first ask questions later. And this motto could get you in allot trouble with love relationships or even with the people you work with . At this time ask question before blowing up.
THURSDAY : You like to keep others guessing and on their toes on  what you will do next. You have some tricks up your sleeves today. For others you benefit through partnerships today in general. When it comes to negotiations or love relationships, you find it difficult to commit to any long term plans, or relationships.   


TUES : Wrenches can be thrown into your day. Because these are areas of your life you've been avoiding or didn't even know that  they were out of whack. Try to go more with the flow today. You are super sensitive to the energies, so you tend to react rather than being proactive. Be more proactive and slow your way of thinking

WEDNESDAY :If your coming in today with a plan. Don't expect nothing  because you may be surprise by other people's reactions, or what they may say or do . At this time your true values are coming out and your realizing at this time what you want or don't want at this time. You can see your values come out more through your relationships  

THURSDAY :For some of you, you are finding different ways to earn money or even expand your business, or even grow your social media page. You are open up to new options or directions that can benefit you in the long run or just for now.


TUES : You have a difficult time seeing certain relationships for what they really are. You could be putting new friendships on a pedestal with this energy. Or talking up people who have done you dirty. Or giving certain people in your life who done you dirty second chances.  I feel you'll be alright because you can detect  when others are being fake to you

WEDNESDAY :This can be a beautiful energy time for you. You can see sparks of miracles happening today. Or you could find prosperity everywhere you go today. For others of you this can be a good time for business or career. Or this can be money coming in and feeling more emotionally stable today. Or situations resolving themselves.
THURSDAY: For some of you this is a great time to receive good news or even a great time for career or business. For some of you , you benefit through your relationships. I feel at this time try not to commit yourself to any plans, or even taking other people's hours because you might not want to do. For others of you, I see you trying to keep the peace and that could be difficult especially when you don't care to much for the other person 


TUES :You are more action orientated at this time. You could be creating new habits or have the energy to get things done that you've been putting off . For others of you this is being more of a participant in your life, or even taking care of your health and starting a routine .  

WEDNESDAY : At this time you need to create boundaries with certain relationships. You could be trying to fix but they don't want to listen. Because they want someone to emotional dump on. For others of you , you could feel like others are taking advantage of your good nature.

THURSDAY : At this time you could feel lighter, because your not putting so much pressure on yourself. This can be changing your diet or letting go of certain things.This is a great opportunity to alter your life for the better. As you are trying to take better care of your well being and your health.