Sunday, April 23, 2017


8pm Est WED new moon Taurus  1 hour PRAYER SESSION


MONDAY:Watch your emotional self. You might not be getting along with those in authority or with parents. You can be butting heads with siblings especially older siblings.For others of you, you benefit through relationships. You do know what people at work want from you, and you adapt to that energy
 TUESDAY : You need to trust the energy. You could find answer to unlock certain dreams of yours. You are all about your goals, and super focus on your goals. You are not compromising your wants and wishes today. Family matters can be the focus
WEDNESDAY : Today things turn around for you. You could be in a positive space. Or for others of you , you are turning a positive corner in your life. Doors that didn't open before are now opening. With this energy, be the example because there is no point in trying to convert someone in your way of doing things or thinking

MONDAY : Health is the focus , for some of you, you could be experiencing some nervous energy. You tend to stick out of the crowd, because you are more of an individual. With your own thoughts and ideas. There is either physical change happening or this can be an emotional change for the better happening.  

TUESDAY :You may need to schedule a check up , because something may start to flair up. Watch your emotional self, because you are going through some emotional changes . Letting go of certain things and this is going to affect your health.

WEDNESDAY : You are a good leader or a great counselor. For some of you, you do  well in crisis situations. Today you can also make your presence known. You are very intense with this energy. For others of you, you like to nurturer your relationships. Or even have random get togethers  


MONDAY :Don't make promises you can't keep with this energy. Also don't be so quick to jump into new endeavor , or make quick career changes. You need to find freedom in your situation or freedom in your relationship. You can get a bit to much in your head try to go more with the flow today

TUESDAY : You can be getting along with those in authority. You may have some good news to grow, or this can be receiving recognition for your work. For others of you getting along with the men in your life. This can be a fun time socializing with this energy.

WEDNESDAY :Careful with your decisions, because you can be confuse with this energy. You can be your own worst enemy with this energy. Don't do things at this time you may regret . Especially when it comes to relationships. This can be a lucky day for you. You can be more about your children or those who are younger than you. For some of you , you are going out of your way for a friend

MONDAY :You could be restricting your money situation in order to get something that you want. For others of you this is trying to save your money. For others of you this being restrictive with your bad habits or a diet
TUESDAY :Things or conversation could be made clear to you today. For others of you, you have a better perspective in certain situations.You could be privy to some information that is going on . Or someone may tell you how you really feel about them. You are going to receive validation about certain people or situations

WEDNESDAY :Trust your intuition with this energy. You could be receiving prophetic dreams with this energy. You need to stay out of the gossip. Also you need to watch how you speak to others. You tend to want everyone to follow what you are doing but you need to speak with a bit of couth. Or tell them why you need them to do this for you.


MONDAY :You could be focusing on your goals . You have the great ability to multitask . You could manage to get everything done. You can be more about your peace with this energy. You could be easier to talk to about difficult situations or even willing to talk about negotiations with this energy especially with court ,or child custody.

TUESDAY :Watch your emotional self today, you tend to not want to talk about your worries or concern. Because you don't want to create a fuss or a fight . For some of you this energy can affect your health. You can be more about your bad habits or avoiding confrontation or responsibilities.

WEDNESDAY:You can throw your energy into your passions . For others of you this can be a good time to start working on your health.. You are more focus on career, or with your goals . You do get along with those who are older than you, or you be communicating more with your parents


MONDAY :Careful with this energy, you can attract scandal into your life. You could be having to make some difficult decisions today. For some of you this is getting ready to come to terms with your reality. You may not be ready to move forward but at least you can acknowledge that it doesn't make you happy.  

TUESDAY :For some of you this is a good time for love relationship. For others of you this is a fun time for dating.For some of you , you can have positive conversation with mother. Or the focus can be on mother, and for others you could be very sentimental with this energy.  

WEDNESDAY :This would be a great energy to get your juju on with this energy. Or to test out your faith energy. You are there for others, you could be dealing with crisis situation.For some of you, you could have money making ideas. At this time you are more about your financial security. Some of you could be looking at a second source of income


MONDAY :Change is happening today for better or worst. Don't make promises you can 't keep with this energy. You are very opinionated about other people's situations. For others of you the focus is on the men in your life. You might not be so sympathetic about what's going on with them.

TUESDAY :You have a stellium in your seventh house expect the unexpected with your relationships. With this energy less is more . You don't need to do much at this time to maintain a relationship or to push for what you want.

WEDNESDAY : You can be breaking out of your routine, or doing things differently. For others of you, you could be on a different career path. This is a great energy to focus on your creativity. You can be taking your career or even relationships more seriously with this energy.


MONDAY : You can be accident prone with this energy. But you have the energy to get things done. At this time play things by ear don't commit yourself to anything today. Because you'll cancel on the person or change your mind. OR you could feel like you have to much on your plate that  you'll start cancelling certain things

TUESDAY :You can be a bit more organized or have the energy to get things done. You can be checking out and being more about your play or your dreams. For others of you , you need to be more about your facts. Because you have difficult time seeing certain people or situations for what or who it really is

WEDNESDAY :You might be starting over in certain areas of your life. You can be going back and forth with a relationship. Some Days your feeling this relationship and other days your like I'm done. You have a difficult time focusing today. You maybe more interested on the taboo, or other people coming into your life.    


MONDAY : I feel with this energy, you are more about your relationships. You are sacrificing  your pleasure for your family happiness. OR you are about the greater good with this energy. Difficulties with family, or getting involved in other people's drama at this time. You want to help others but sometimes just a listening ear is better
TUESDAY : For some of you the focus is on the men in your life. I feel at this time they may be a bit out of control or wanting to do their own thing. For others of you this can be power struggles with those in authority. You may want to be more to yourself with this energy. For others of you, you don't want to be a relationship right now and want to be more to yourself.

WEDNESDAY : This is a beautiful energy time. This is a great energy for new beginnings. This can be a great time to start new projects, or to have the energy to get things done. You can be more about your friends or relationships with this energy. You might even know who your real friends our


MONDAY :I see you having a deeper connection with certain relationships or even a better understanding. You have a good time at this time. For others of you , you benefit through others with this energy. You might not be ready to rehash certain hurts or talk about certain issues. Your not ready to open , but people are trying

TUESDAY :This energy can cause nervous energy, so watch your emotional self. This energy indicates an unusual home life with this energy. You can be a bit lazy or lethargic with this energy.  You can be more about your play with this energy. Careful with your spending because you can be over the top

WEDNESDAY :No matter what you say or do seems to make things better with a relationship. It's best to say sorry and thats more than enough. If the other person is still looking for more than that's on them. You need to watch your emotional self with this energy. For women this could be to much masculine energy so you can be very dominate. This can chase away other relationships


MONDAY :Try not to repress your feelings, your trying to walk the walk but your not communicating your feelings. You could be breaking from your routine. The focus can be more about your play or even spending more time with your children.  For others of you this is having an adventure today.

TUESDAY :When it comes to what you want , you need to have certainty instead of doubting the energy at this time. Watch your emotional self not the best time to make decisions with this energy. You can be a bit of a debtor with this energy trying to get everyone on Team Airbender. So allow everyone to be entitled to their opinion or their way of doing things.

WEDNESDAY : This can be a fun time with communication. You can have money making ideas with this energy. There could be plans to go out for the weekend. For others of you this is communicating more siblings with this energy. For others of you this is a popular energy time for you. For others of you this is a great time for media or social media


MONDAY :You are more about your play at this time. This could be a fun energy time for you. You might even lose track of time because your having so much fun today. For others of you , you are living in the moment.

TUESDAY :You might not be getting with your children or you might not be getting along with mother with this energy. For others of you , stuff off the internet with this energy. Decisions need to be made about your independence and about what it is you really want . Thinking about being more about your self.  

WEDNESDAY :This can be a great week for career or business with this energy. You have the ability to read others. You may be really good at sells with this energy. For others of you , you can be trendy with this energy. This is a social time for you , lots of plans for the weekend or communication  with others