Wednesday, April 26, 2017



THURS :This can be a great time for career, or even a bit more popular. You seem to have all the answers and people go to you seeking advice. You could find sparks of miracles or  thoughts can become things.  

FRIDAY :You can be more about your emotional life. You can be fighting your own demons with this energy. For others of you this is the ex reaching out and trying to stay away from the ex. For others of  this can be a great time for finding someone new.

SATURDAY:You need to watch your emotional self. For some of you, you could be ending a relationship. For some of you, this can be a fun time to have an adventure with friends. You may meet new people through socializing or though others. This can be a popular time for some of you.

SUNDAY :You can feel restless with this energy. This could be your more in your thoughts and have nothing  to do with this energy. You could be allowing lack to get the best of you with this energy.  You may not be happy with relationships or you could be unhappy where you are at in your life. But you can always change that.

MONDAY:You can be more in a leadership position or even breaking out of your routine. Or even taking a career that gives you more freedom to do what you want. You may even have more control at work and being your own boss. You could be creating some new beginnings or even creative projects


THURS: Beautiful energy for thoughts to become things. You are to giving with this energy becareful who you are giving too. This is a great time for money opportunities. You could be more in a leadership position. Or you can be initiating new projects or plans for the weekend.

FRIDAY :Try to be about your facts with this energy. You may experience greater fluctuations all around you and within you, and restlessness can motivate you to break free from what you see as limitations.You may also be more interested in social reform, politics or humanitarian causes, or business ventures that help other people find the freedom to express themselves.

SATURDAY:For some of you, you can be more about your social life. You can be obsessive with a relationship. Because you have no control over this person or this person is not giving you any sense of security. You can be feeling emotionally conflicted.
SUNDAY :Be more about your facts when it comes to relationship. Get evidence if you have too, just because someone tells you something doesn't make it true. Now get some receipt than your talking.You could have a difficult time with friendships. Try to agree to disagree .
MONDAY:You can be more guided by your intuition. For others of you, you could be receiving information to help you grow or to inspire you. You could be teaching someone a valuable lesson. For some of you this is closing a chapter in your life


THURS : You are very supportive of others and helping them grow. You can be very nurturing and understanding in your close relationship. There could new people coming into your life. For others of you this is a great time for job interviews, or you could talk your way into and out of anything.

FRIDAY :This can be a fun energy time for you. You can have new experiences coming up or even curious about something new coming. This can be learning something new at work or a new project at work. Work or even daily routine can be very interesting today  

SATURDAY:For some of you, you could be called out on your habits. Old way of doing things or thinking may no longer apply to your present. You can be dealing with power struggles with the women in your life. Try to be adaptable to keep the peace .

SUNDAY :The focus is more on your relationships or even travelling during this time period. For some of you this is doing something different and out of your routine . This can be a fun energy time for you. For others of you, you could be having a lazy Sunday and putting off things

MONDAY:You can feel out of control over a situation. For others of you can feel stuck in a situation or in a relationship. This can be stemming because your not happy with your present or with yourself. So try to look with in and also try to communicate your feelings.  


THURS :For some of you, there could be a big emphasis on second source of income and online business. For some of you this is starting a new business endeavors. For others of you thoughts of going back to school because you want an opportunity to grow and more money.  

FRIDAY :You can be more about your friendships with this energy or even your social life. For others of you, you are a %100 there for your friends and family. You can have plans to go out tonight. You can be more playful with this energy, and be the life of the party anywhere you go. You can find that people are attracted to you

SATURDAY:Some communications you hear can just be a game changer in relationships. You may start to hear allot of truth that good juice being revealed. For others of you , you could go digging for the truth and finding it. You could be hearing a shocking confession.
SUNDAY :You are more about your happiness with this energy. For some of you, you could be pampering yourself or taking care of yourself with this energy. For some of you, you could be going through a midlife crisis. For others of you this energy can start some new beginnings

MONDAY:You can receive some surprises or unexpected news with family. For some of you who ever needs to leave your life let them leave. For some of you, you can be a bit intense . You need to relax and go more with the flow. Don't try to control others because its going to be a powerstruggle


THURS :North node at zero degrees, you could be a bit of a hermit with this energy. Who ever has to leave your life at this time let them go with this energy. For others of you, you can be more in a leadership position at work, or with business. This can be a popular energy time for with the media or the social media.
FRIDAY: You could have some head butting or difficulties with a Gemini or air sign. You two could be wanting to do two different things. It's best to work on compromise with this energy. You have a difficult time listen to those in authority. Tend to do your own thing

SATURDAY: Try to go more with the flow , don't expect anything to go right or your way with this energy. Someone else might be leading you at this time, so let them lead. You can be high strung, nervous, willful, intense, easily upset, over-indulgent, intensely emotional and either rebellious or apathetic. Your ideas and opinions, although highly idealistic, are set, confused and impractical.

SUNDAY :Moon in Cancer , you can be a bit more in your feelings at this time. You need to speak and say what you want instead of assuming others know what you want. This is an opportunity for second chances, or even rebuilding certain relationship. This can also be you revisiting certain projects with this energy

MONDAY:You can be more responsive to the news of the world. For others of you, you can be delving more into your spiritual world. Being more intune with your creative side.You can be more about your freedom or doing what you want to do at this time. Change is happening so you could be reacting to change

THURS:This can be good news coming your way. You can be following your intuition with this energy.This can be a good time for those of you in a relationship with this energy. You can expect the unexpect with this energy, may be a fun outting or breaking out of your routine

FRIDAY :You can be overwhelmed with certain issues that you have to confront such as bills. And dealing with debt collectors can be stressful. For others of you , you have to much on your plate today, so it can feel stressful.Moon in Gemini is forming stellium, you could have a bit of a reality check with your relationship. Or know where you stand with your partner

SATURDAY:You can be too much in your head because you keep going back and forth with certain issues. For others of you, you are going back to certain thought patterns that you once had. You have this opportunity to acknowledge this challenge as a good thing, and an opportunity to change your way of thinking

SUNDAY :At this time help for the sake of helping not because your expecting something in return. Because what ever your expecting back your not going to get it. For some of you, you can be more about your social or being out and about today. For others of you this is revisiting someone from your past.  

MONDAY:North node is about to enter your 12th house now at zero degrees. You might be more about your feelings at this time, and others may not be giving you the attention that you need. For some of you, you might not be receiving that "Thank you" or pat on the  back. You could feel resentful towards your job or even towards certain relationship. This is part of ego looking for that "Thank you" or validation. So do things today for the sake of doing not because your looking for something.


THURS :Love relationships can be a problem, because you might be more about your freedom at this time or need your space with this energy. Compromise is needed with this energy. For some of you, you might not be happy with the direction your career path is going in. At this time things may be up in the air or you could be reevaluating certain situations

FRIDAY : Be nice today, you don't have any sugar on that tongue and you say what is on your mind. You can be frustrated with certain relationships.Because they want you to see things their way and your not doing it. You can be feeling overwhelmed with this energy, try not to take it out on others.      
SATURDAY:This is a great day for close relationship. You can be doing some much needed bonding with this energy. You can be more about your female relationships with this energy. Also with this energy, try to get a second opinion or check your plans before you jump ahead and say ,"YES"

SUNDAY : Trust your intuition with this energy.This can be more of a time of play. You are doing things that are very relaxing to you. Confrontation usually is not an option, since you can compromise in such a way that everyone wins, or think that they do, while furthering your own desires.

MONDAY:Be based on the facts and reality. You may want to start a new project but it calls you to see it all the way through. Allow things to manifest before you go assuming that you got it. This is a great time for see things for what they really are. You can be more of an independent thinker with this energy


THURS :You can be very dramatic in your way of presenting yourself, or teaching someone a lesson. The focus can be more on your relationships. The focus is on separation with relationship, you can either be hearing some news about this person. Or you could be thinking about this person.

FRIDAY :You could be trying to get along with certain people or even trying to tolerate others.  This would be a great time for sells with this energy. You are very convincing with this energy. Follow your instinct or follow your intuition.You can be starting a new project today.

SATURDAY:You can have a difficult time getting others what you want them to do . You can be impatient with others. Careful with the women in your life, you might not be getting along with them. For others of you love relationships can be fragile

SUNDAY :You can be more about your relationship.You can be questioning certain relationships or you may not be able to believe what they are telling you. You might have a difficult time getting your shift cover. OR you might hear the lies coming out of someone mouth. Talk is cheap actions speak louder  

MONDAY:Your trying to be patient but at the sametime , you just want it to come to fruition with this energy. You are trying to be restrictive  with the emotional self. But people or situations can be challenging with this energy. But you are trying to fight your urges.


 THURS :There could be thoughts of parents, and even though they aren't in your life. Your thoughts are still looking for their approval or what they would think if they were here. For some of you , you could have an infatuation on someone, and may look forward to seeing this person. For others of you , you could be starting a new job or starting something new, or even going on a trip.

FRIDAY :For some of you thoughts of moving coming up or there could be a move. For others of you this is having an adventure or breaking out of your routine. For others of you this is making plans for the weekend. You can be revisiting old ideas or projects
SATURDAY:Expect the unexpected , for some of you , you could be coming out of your shell, or throwing a curve ball. Go more with the flow , because you flow into situations after situation today. This can be a fun energy time for you. Don't make promises you don't want to keep

SUNDAY : Relationships can be fragile with this energy. You need to watch your emotional self. This could be that you have nothing to do . So your intriguing these negative thoughts. That you need to let go of.  You need to be more in the present with this energy

MONDAY:People could surprise you today. You can be receiving good news, or even others taking you out of your routine. Adjusting your sights on whatever goal you seek is easier now. This is a great energy for those of you in social media. For others of you, you make a great mentor or counselor


THURS :You need to becareful about your actions because you might be stepping on other people's toes. Everything is cause and effect, so watch how you treat others. You could be accident prone with this energy, so slow your way of thinking or doing things.

FRIDAY :You can feel overwhelmed today like you have no time for anything you want to do. At this time try to go more with the flow, and allow yourself to relax and have fun. You do have opportunities to go out and unwind with friends.

SATURDAY:Not the best energy here you can be impulsive with this energy or eccentric with your behavior. Not the best day to make decisions. You might not be getting along with the women in your life. You tend to overreact .

SUNDAY :You can be more about your personal life, or even being more at the home. The focus could be working on the home, or even decorating the home. You can be quiet and more to yourself or with your thoughts.  Close relationships maybe difficult. But your happiness is very important so your not trying to step on toes

MONDAY:You might not be getting along with neighbors, or with siblings with this energy.
You need to be careful who you affiliate yourself with . Not everyone is your friend. For some of you, friends could be looking for a temporary place to live. For others of you, you have restless energy so anything can make you feel irritable today


THURS :This energy brings about good news, or confirmation that you are moving in the right direction. The right people at work are noticing you this is a great time for recognition or even talks of growth . For others of you this is a great time for love relationship and getting along or even benefiting through your partner

FRIDAY :Expect the unexpected family could surprise you, or take you on a little adventure or break from their routine. For others of you, you benefit through partnerships or your love relationship. You can be very creative and coming up with money making ideas. For others of you this can be on line dating or some really fun pillow talk.

SATURDAY:You are very spontaneous in your actions. Your plans can be more on the fly, and it could be hard to keep up with . For others of you watch your emotional self, because you want to control your situation.

SUNDAY :You can be very spontaneous. Cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off. Because you can really speak your mind and say something that make others give you the side eye. Not the best energy to keep secrets.  As soon as someone thinks they figured you out, you go and change on them.

MONDAY:For some of you, your health maybe more of the focus. For some of you this could the straw that broke the camel back. For others of you, you need to learn to make necessary changes and this is going to come through your emotional state or even anxiety. Something needs to give and you know you need to make the change


THURS : You can be more to yourself at this time, or taking initiative and getting things done . Especially when it comes to things that you want. For some of you, you could be going through the challenging time of adulting. For some of you, you could be going to a place you've never been before . For others of you this is new experiences coming up.

FRIDAY : There could be power struggles with relationships. Or even your perspective or expectation with your relationship needs to change. For some of you can be micromanaging a good time. For others of the person in your head is not the person in your reality . For others this is learning to live with somebody

SATURDAY:In order to get something you have to lose something. Try to change your emotional self because you can be regretting certain things. I feel that you can see your relationship for what it truly is. Love relationship can be fragile unless your willing to work on them.  Certain way of doing things is no longer working

SUNDAY :You could be reevaluating certain relationships because you they don't think like you or may not agree with you at this time. You need to be okay with this and need to learn to be adaptable to others. You can be more about independe with this energy and feel that others might be trying to control your situation
MONDAY:When it comes to plans or even decisions your not so quick to jump into anything. Help for the sake of helping because you maybe looking for a  thank you that will never come. For others of you, can feel that others don't appreciate you. OR you may not be getting enough attention in your relationships