Saturday, April 15, 2017



I feel with this energy you benefit through partnerships this week. Other people in your life help you to grow. For others of you something weighs heavy on your mind. The cards say do it but your still going to weigh your options or take your time and think about it.For some of you this energy brings pregnancy or a life altering experience. For others of you , I see you creating your own reality. I see some of you getting a job this week , which is going to create emotional stability in your life    


You can be more to yourself or even stuck in your way of thinking. You need to watch your spending this week. This can be a more social time for you with your love life. For some of you, you could find yourself more active and out and about more. For others of you , I see you doing something to spite someone else, it wont work. You can be more to yourself if you are in a relationship. You could be hiding from others but confide more in your close relationships


For some of you , the path you are on is the right path for you, or you could be receiving sparks of miracles at this time. The cards are showing me that you are travelling on a different path from others. The cards are saying it's a good thing, and you could be mocking others for following a traditional road. I see second chances or apologies coming  up. I feel with this energy you are creating boundaries with your relationships. Also be careful with gossip , some one could be throwing you under the bus, so keep your paper trail or your " receipts".


I see money worries or money problems with this energy. Careful with your spending because you may have buyer's remorse.With this energy you could be comfortable where you are or accepting where you are. So your not speaking up about growth or trying as hard as you should for growth with career. For some of you at this time your settling. For some of you, you could be visiting an accountant or a financial advisor. This person can give you insight into your money situation so make sure you to take notes.


I feel this week you have made up your mind and moving into a direction. For some of you this could be spending more time with family, or even moving back to be closer to family. For others of you something that you 've been wanting is coming into your grasp. Your not scared to say what's really on your mind, even if it means that certain people may leave your life. I see money problems, but I see money coming . So this week you could be paying your bills with this energy. For others of you this is your money situation turning around for the better.

For some of you, I see you seeing other people at this time. I see dating with this energy. I do see the energy turning around for you, for the better. I see you putting money back into your business. I do see your money situation or career situation turning around for you. I see a big move paying off. You could be making a creative break through with this energy. Money issues could be causing problems with relationship, or can be the root of your problems.


I see you trying to stay on a saner path. I do see someone from your past coming back .The cards don't like this person for you. This is a great time for career, or business with this energy. I feel that you are not concern with the haters and just doing your job this week. I see fulfillment in certain areas of your life. For some of you , you are dealing with a broken heart and you could be in self denial of that broken heart. You could be receiving sparks of miracles that you are on the right path


You have more good happening in your life than you realize. So when you complain to others or cry on their shoulder; they can't sympathize with you . Because they just see all the good that you have. You are very creative this week so trust your intuition and allow it to guide you . This can be a fun energy time for flirting or even dating with this energy. For others of you , this is a great time for creating your own reality , things tend to work themselves out this week .  


For some of you, I see a difficult situation or a loss but family is there for you, if you need them. I do see something life altering , in regards to career, or starting your own business. For others of you , you could be perfectionist at work. I feel with this energy I do see confrontation happening . For others of you, your words are very convincing. This would be a great time for job interviews with this energy. I see a battle that you'll lose but it wont stop you, you will get up and try again

I see the energy being very giving to you,or this can be a relationship in your life being giving to you. For some of you love is in the cards . I see opportunities with money or career are coming up but your not quick to make decisions with this energy. For others of you, this could be moving in a different life direction.  For others of you, you are coming up with great ideas this week . I would just keep it to myself. For others of you, this can be a beautiful energy time for you. You could see things in your life just falling into place beautifully.


You need to be careful about what you say to others because your words are very powerful , and they affect others.This is a time of moving forward either with career, or with court. It's not the destination that's important , its the journey. For some of you, you could be in a better headspace with this energy. For others of you, you control how people see you or talk about you . For others of you major decisions are coming up this week. Change is happening but be careful what you wish for because it's not what you expected.


You can receive deep personal insight into your journey. During this time period you are more about creating your own reality. For others of you, you are being more to yourself, or keeping to yourself. This is creating alienation with others.  There could be an overflow of demands on your feelings, but without having the facts in front of you, just feeling like you might be in the presence of a manipulative individual is reason enough to pull back on deep commitments. Sometimes people create a false sense of urgency.