Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Saturn in Retrograde through out the houses by Marie Moore



This can be a heavy energy time for you. For some of you, you can go through a depression with this energy. You can be restless with this energy or frustrated with your current situation.  Not the best energy time to make change but these change are going to be made because your need to grow or your need for more freedom


Business can be slow during this time period. You can be frustrated with others because things aren't move along fast enough. Not the best period of time to quit your job because you might have difficulties finding a job with this energy. You will face obstacles and challenges during this period of time.Consider it opportunities to grow .


Your lesson here is to learn to communicate better , instead of bottling things up with this energy. Maybe even learning more about couth with this energy . You can expect allot of miscommunications during this time period. Also you tend to take things very seriously or personally with this energy so try to go more with the flow. Also you are more honest with your speech . Don't be so opinionated


This energy focus on father or sometimes mother. This can be dealing with their health issues or drama going on in their life. Also for some of you this is dealing with property matters with this energy. Or this can be thoughts of moving can be more focus with this energy. I feel also that you can stay more around the home with this energy, or spend more time with family .


You don't want to go out as much . You could live vicariously through others. During this time period you are very cautious about letting new people in with this energy. Even love relationship can be fragile at this time. For others of you, you tend to hang out more with an older group.For others of you, you want to focus more on your career, or hobbies with this energy


This energy can bring up health issues . For others of you , you can be a hermit and staying more at the home. For others of you this is working on the emotional self with this energy. Try not to get married during this time period or be careful with new love relationships. Because Saturn will be entering the seventh house so it's going to really test these new love relationships.


Not the best energy here for new love relationship. You can find this a difficult time for keeping love relationships in your life. Relationship in general are challenged with this energy. Friends can leave your life at the blue , you can experience separation or loss with the people in your life. It just means that the lesson is over.


Not the best time for investments , loans , careful with financial decisions during this time period. Get a second or third opinion if you can. For some of you this can be a time were you are more focus on your spiritual self. A fun time for dating  and not so serious love affairs can happen. You could find  a need to change certain habits or you can be cleaning up debt. Or even finishing up court with this energy


Fear and guilt can come out with this energy. You can beat yourself up during this time period. You could also be doing things that you love to do . This energy brings out writers , actors, and even artist come out to play more with this energy. There could be difficulties with school or delay with school meaning they need more information from you. Or in order to graduate you must take these classes. For others you finding a new religion or philosophy with this energy. Any time you go against tradition you'll find adversity so you need to learn to keep moving forward. Despite what others may think


Expect business to slow way down. There can be frustrating going with the media or social media. As it may feel like you need to do more with this energy. Delve more into faith consciousness and start detaching yourself from your worries with this energy. You could find yourself more out and about with family or friends with this energy. For others of you, don't quit your job during this time because you can find difficulties in getting another one.


Now Saturn also rules the planet of Aquarius with this energy. This is about doing things for the greater good , you can find a greater purpose than yourself at this time. For others of you , you can be a great humanitarian. Also friendships are difficult to keep with this energy. So who ever needs to leave your life let them leave your life with this energy. During this time period you have more lessons with friends


You tend to be more in your head with this energy. You prefer to work alone with this energy. You tend to be more idealistic at this time so it's difficult for you to start new projects. This is a time of letting go of the past or what doesn't work for you. This is also a great time period to work on yourself . Meaning changing your way of thinking, or starting good habits