Sunday, April 30, 2017



TUESDAY:For some of you , you can be more about your spiritual life. For others of you this is reevaluating certain relationships . At this time for some of you, you aren't looking for a relationship but more towards companionship, nothing serious at this time.

WEDNESDAY:For some of you this is  a good time for career or business with this energy.  You are trying to practice restriction , for others of you , you are acknowledging the error of your ways. For some of you this energy brings about some positive changes or positive outcome today.

THURSDAY:This is such a beautiful energy time for you. You could be receiving some unexpected good news with this energy. For others of you this is a popular energy time for you. For others of you unexpected doors start to open for you. For some of you, you are trying something new with career and it pays off.


TUESDAY:You can be accident prone with this energy, or even forgetting things. I feel you can be obsessive with a person or with a situation. Because you want everything in a particular. Any wrenches or anything new that comes your way. You tend to feel some kind of away, it could be because your not in control of the situation, let go of control. Be open to other people's way of doing things.

WEDNESDAY:Your intuition is high at this time so follow it. For others you can be delving more into your spirituality and see sparks of miracles . And for others of you this is jumping out of your routine. You benefit with this energy, when you are being realistic about your limitations

THURSDAY:For some of you this is receiving good news, your luck can be activated. For others of you this is taking care of  certain responsibilities or looking at certain situations more realistically. You can have the motivation to get things done and close certain chapters in your life


TUESDAY : Today can be emotionally stressful because it seems like you have to do everything. Or this can be your partner feeling like they have to do everything. You could be a bet bossy with this energy. For others of you, your not communicating your feelings and this can create misunderstanding.

WEDNESDAY :This can be a busy time for you. You tend to stress yourself out over things or want to micromanage everything so things will be perfect. Relax, things will go sideways a bit but  everything will work itself out, in the end. Controlling people or the situation can make things worst  
THURSDAY:You can be more in a leadership position. You can be more focus on your career, or this could be a great time for a job interview. For some of you,  you can have a better understanding or be on the same page with those who are in authority or even with those who are older. A great time for teachers or learning

TUESDAY :You benefit through the women in your life. You need to be careful with getting involved with gossip. Don't allow others to talk you into things you don't want to do . For some of you in your late 30's this can be a turning point in your life, or even with your relationships.

WEDNESDAY: You can be a people pleaser with this energy or not wanting confrontation today.For others of you, you miss out on opportunities because you know other people want this just as much as you do . But your going to regret this decisions and feel bad about later when you really wanted as much as them . Be just as hungry and grab at opportunities instead of living in regret

THURSDAY:Change is happening but this could be change in the right direction. For others of you this is second chances with certain relationships. For others of you, this can be a better understanding of other people's way of thinking. Or you can get better insight into why a relationship broke down or left .


TUESDAY :For some of you there could be a generation gap between the two of you. For others of you not understanding your parents or power struggles with parents . For some of you could be trying a new way of self healing. For others of you this can be trying a new form of religion or spirituality. Today you are working on yourself and practicing some kind of restriction to the ego
WEDNESDAY :This can be a fun energy, you can be doing something new at work. Or even stepping out of your routine today and doing something fun. For others of you, you could have fun with those in authority or even with someone  who is older than you . You can open up people's perspective by being an example .

THURSDAY:For some of you, you can be initiating some changes in your life. Because certain areas of your life or even people may challenge or create obstacles that demand change. You could be accident prone or health issues can come up. For some of you, you benefit through this energy when you are doing something new or stepping out of your comfort zone


TUESDAY :This can be energy of good news coming up because you are more emotionally stable, this could be a good time for business for some . For others of you, you can be testing your boundaries with others, or just seeing where you stand in the relationship. For others of  you , you could be having a difficult time trusting others or maybe wanting to believe what they are telling is the truth

WEDNESDAY:You can be more about people who are younger than you, ,or your children and spending time with them. Or even communicating more with those who are younger than you. You can be making deeper connection when you open to others, or you let down your walls

THURSDAY:You could be receiving some unexpected good news this could be with relationships, court, loans, or even custody battles. For others of you ,situations in your life can become clearer to you. You can feel insecure with certain relationships or even with career, because your not getting a "Thank you", or validation. This is part of ego so do things for the sake of just giving alone


TUESDAY : For some of you, you can be obsessed with a person or a situation .  For some of you a second chance with relationship. Or rehashing the past because your not over certain situations and you want your feelings validated before you move over. For some of you the focus is on family and even disconnecting with certain family members for a while.

WEDNESDAY :You do have some unexpected good news, or even for some of you this can be collaborating or partnering up with some in regards to business. For others of you this is planning to travel for a weekend get away. You might not be getting along with them men in your life. Try not to cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off. For others of you difficulties with communication at this time or even power struggles

THURSDAY:For some of you, you could be following your intuition with this energy. You might be revisiting previous money making ideas. Actions should speak louder than words. People can be promising you things at this time but this can be more of lip service they are giving to you. For others of you, this can be thoughts of career changes but more thought than action


TUESDAY :For some of you , you think that making an emotional connection is through sex, it's not. You may feel that you need that sexual attention as your way of connecting to your part. So this can create you to look needy in the relationship. For some of you, your picture in your head about a relationship or even a situation is two different situation.
WEDNESDAY :This is a great day for career or business. I feel with this energy this can bring about a turn of events or even turning a corner with business. For others of you, your routine can be broken up today so go more with the flow. Expect the unexpected today but it's for the better. You can take what others say very seriously and don't do that . Because it can make you obsess, it wasn't that deep

THURSDAY:You could be accident prone with this energy. You can make impulsive decisions based on your emotional self. At this time try  to get a second or third opinion. If people try to figure you out , thats when you'll flip on them and change and do things differently. You don't like to be figured out today nor ever. Some people may call you predictable today and thats when you make your 180 degree turn.


TUESDAY :Don't allow others to give you lip service be about the facts with this energy. Seeing is believing with this energy. Don't make promises you can't keep . You have lessons about sharing with this energy, and letting go of your personal desires.Remember God already knows what you want so try to be more about others in regards to sharing or helping.

WEDNESDAY :For some of you, you could have a pleasant surprise today. You are very creative when it comes to media or social media. You know how to get your point across. For others of you, you can have fun teaching others, or helping out others

THURSDAY:For some of you this can be financial worries at this time. For some of you, who ever has to leave your life at this time let them leave. You could find friends will be very critical of you.Careful when voicing your opinion because others may not be ready to hear what you have to say.


TUESDAY :For some of you changes with family can come up. For others of you this is creating new family traditions. You can be communicating more about your needs and wants with this energy. For others of you can be creating more boundaries with certain relationships.

WEDNESDAY :You could be receiving good news with this energy. You can be feeling a sense of empowerment or more control with your life. You can be more focus on family and taking control of what ever crisis or issues come out today. For others of you this is putting out fires at work.

THURSDAY:This is a great time for prayers to get answer with this energy. For others of you this is changing your way of thinking or looking at certain things differently . For others of you this can be good news with court, custody battles, or loans.For some of you this can be a popular energy time

TUESDAY :You can be very giving with this energy. But help for the sake of helping not because your looking for a Thank you. This is a great time for career or business with this energy. You may feel overwhelmed but you work through what ever you are going through. For others of you careful with relationship. Any wrenches thrown today can cause an out burst

WEDNESDAY :A great energy for business or communications or even popularity. For some of you this is a time of putting things into a better perspective. You may even develop a routine or even have a time management technique down. For others of you this is not allowing yourself to get stress out about certain things. Because your going to see how things work themselves out

THURSDAY:For some of you this is a great time with business or career. For others of you this can be a popular energy time for you. This is a great time for internet business, social media or media. For some of you, you can be receiving a strong sense of purpose with this energy. Despite your obstacles you tend to fight your way through them.


TUESDAY :For some of you this is a good day for business and career. Not everyone is going to agree with what you say, so you can either accept this or just allow them to have an opinion . But try not to allow them to upset you, or get the best of you. Because they are going through it emotionally. With the good you sometimes have to accept the bad that comes with it. But how you react makes all the difference change your perspective
WEDNESDAY :You can feel over whelm today , because you can be a perfectionist with this energy, or be more focus on your goals or stuck in a routine. Any wrenches that come your way today , you tend to snap at . At this time try to expect things not to go as plan and go more with the flow with this energy. There is a reason for everything. "When we make plans, God laughs at them."-KarenBerg

THURSDAY:Know that what ever you are going through, your angels are watching and protecting you. For others of you this is can be a great time for media or social media. For others of you business can be slow at this time. For some of your health could be more of a focus because you might be doing something that your not suppose to be or your not keeping up with your routine