Thursday, April 13, 2017




FRIDAY :  Good news can be coming your way. If you were trying to get to the bottom of things with a certain person . Now your digging is going to pay off. For others of you certain people in your life are predictable, or you may have figure them out. For others of you this is a great time for media or social  media because you know what people want. Or this is a great time for career because you know what they are looking for

SATURDAY : With this energy careful with making promises you don't want to keep. You could be looking for someone to switch hours with you at work , and for some of you. You might  skip out of work so you can go and play. For others of you , this is focusing on your dreams and ambitions . But you need to choose between your relationship and your dreams. At this time acknowledge your obligations and your relationship slow the train down common sense is needed.
SUNDAY:You can be very focus on the home and family, and trying to create memories for family. For others of you , you have the energy to get things done with this energy. Or this can be changing your habits or even starting a new health routine for you. For others of you, you are more about your peace with this energy

 MONDAY :Good news can happen with this energy. This is a good time for business or for career. You tend to get your way now, because you don't take "NO", for an answer. Your very aggressive with what you want. For others of you, your talents are shown with this energy. You know what people want with this energy


FRIDAY : You tend to break routine or even traditions. Chances that you take today could have a big pay off. For others of you, your stuck on an idea or something you want to do. And your making everyone join you in this idea, so it can give you life and it can come to life
SATURDAY :What ever it is that you are determine or hell bent to get accomplish. You get it done today. Any deadlines that are due , you finish them today, or at least late into the night. For some of you this could be a move happening today.

SUNDAY:A good sense of direction may allow you to make a steady climb to achieve your goals.You are able to confront difficult issues or topics. You are able to face reality or prepare to face reality with this energy. When you are dealing or confronting those things that you've been avoiding. You'll see sparks of miracles happening.

 MONDAY :You can be very focus on work or getting things done around the home. You have an opportunity to work smarter not hard.You could be changing routine or changing the way things done are done at work. People tend to be very agreeable with you today.


FRIDAY : You are guided  by your intuition. . You could be more about your freedom at this time. You can be passive aggressive or playing games with people you don't like. I feel you can be more about your play at this time. I wouldn't commit myself to anything at this time because you might not want to do it.

SATURDAY :You can be obsessed with a certain person in your life. Either they have took the last word from you or the relationship has ended on a sour note. Now your regretting your words. Watch your words today especially with love or with family.

SUNDAY:You are all about the holidays and family today. You could be creating some great memories, or you might be making these memories for others. All eyes are on you with this energy, and you are getting the attention that you love . For some of you this is some good bonding time with the women in your life , like mother

 MONDAY :I feel at this time you could be ask to pick sides with this energy. You could lose certain relationships because they feel that you don't have their back and betraying in some kind of away. Your trying to be politically correct. But I feel as many times as they done for you , you should do for them. It's about loyalty today and some people in your life don't feel like that they have that from you


FRIDAY : For some of you, you could be bouncing ideas with friends. Or you could be planning for the weekend . For others of you , you have deep emotional connection with certain friends. For others of you this is a great time for media or social media because you have an idea of what the public wants

SATURDAY :Don't say ,"Yes" to things you don't want to do . It's okay to say ,"No". I feel with this energy, you could be putting your foot down with certain things , or even the way things are done at work. I feel that you speak your mind more and you say what's on your mind and you don't care who you offend . It bothers you it's been bothering and now you feel like it's last straw.  

SUNDAY:You could find yourself getting things done or starting new routines with this energy. For some of you this is working on the emotional self. Or starting new projects or goals. For others of you, you are focusing on work, and can be even picking up extra hours at work as well.

 MONDAY :Very good time for business, career or getting a job. For some of you this is a game changer with career, and you could see yourself finally going places with your career. For others of you, you are getting things done around the home. Or this can be getting more hours at work but you don't mind and you look forward to it


FRIDAY : You have a fire trine today, you could be pretty excited about the holidays or you good be in good spirits in general.  For others of you this is updating yourself with career, or even excited to learning a subject at school that you've been wanting to learn. For some of you, the information you learn today marks a new direction your going into .

SATURDAY: I feel at this time compromise or negotiations are going to needed in order for you to get your way. Don't allow the respect thing or ego to get involve with your relationships in general. Or you could find that you don't get your way and a bruise ego follow by regret

SUNDAY:With this energy , you can be getting along with family members who are older than you. Or you could be getting along with management with this energy. For others of you , you are more open and letting certain people more into your life. Because you feel that  you can be open to these people or particular person

 MONDAY :This can be a lucky energy time. You may make home improvements or expand your home, or offer sincere and generous support to close friends or family members.  You’re optimistic and generous in your dealings with other people and they’ll likely return the favor, and you may find women to be especially helpful now in furthering your goals.


FRIDAY :You need to be careful what you say or how you speak to others. You want to be right but sometimes it's not worth it and you  can chase away relationships. Pick and choose your battles.This can be a popular energy time. For you could find yourself out and about or plans for this weekend

SATURDAY :For some of you, you can be more about your relationships and going out of your way and helping others. You do well emotionally when you are helping others. You tend to be a bit more analytical or even critical of certain people.

SUNDAY:You can be in great spirits today and enjoying your home, or even enjoying family and friends with this energy. You could see sparks of miracles with this energy. You could be delving more into your religion or spirituality .

 MONDAY : You sometimes forget the real needs of someone-even of yourself. You could be having mood swings with this energy. Today is in important time for you, this energy either brings positive or negative news . The focus could be more towards court, loans, inheritance, or child custody battles or even property matters


FRIDAY : People could put you in crisis mode or need an answer for you right away. Don't allow others to push you into making a decision. Worst comes to worst just say,"NO. The focus can be more towards health and taking care of your health with this energy. For others of you this is about your emotional self and changing it .
SATURDAY : You need to pay attention to your dreams , you could be receiving messages from spirit world. Also trust your intuition with this energy, it's very strong today . You can be very spontaneous with this energy, and breaking routine and doing something different or unexpected
SUNDAY:You could be making plans with family or there could be plans to travel in the near future. You could be more about your play than getting things done . Discipline is needed with this energy. This could be just a lazy Sunday. There can be some important changes happening with relationships or with family.

 MONDAY :You have a beautiful fire trine with this energy. You can feel like you have purpose in your life. You could be receiving good news with career. This is a great time for networking or for growth through media or social media .


FRIDAY : Change is happening today, this can be with career. So careful speaking your mind with this energy it can turn out bad. You could be accident prone today. Wrenches can get thrown in your day try to go more with the flow. Don't expect anything to go right

SATURDAY :For some of you this is turning a corner with career or business with this energy. For others of you this is initiating goals or projects. For others of you this is sticking to your routine or getting things done

SUNDAY:Today you could be spending time with family or even getting along better with mother with this energy. You could go out of your way for others . Certain challenges or even the comment bar on the internet can ruin your day just stay off the internet today

 MONDAY :Your very convincing with this energy. Your communication with others is emotionally transforming. Use your words wisely because they could also hurt. What ever ideas you have, you have an opportunity to get everyone on board with your views


FRIDAY :For some of you , you could be questioning certain relationships. You don't like to be rush to make decisions, so you could be upsetting someone in your life while they wait for you. You could be doing your own thing today and  not concern about the thoughts or feelings of others.

SATURDAY :You can be in good spirits with this energy. You could be spending the majority your day outside, or doing out doorsy things. For others of you, you are all about having an adventure. You don't allow trivial things to bother. If you can't control it not your problem

SUNDAY: This is a nice energy to work on the self, start a new project at the house or even start a new diet.You have that energy to get things done.  For others you could be on the phone or emailing friends and family today. You have this need to gab today

 MONDAY : Watch your emotional self today. This is not a good time for dealing with a Libra in your life. For other of you this could be a difficult time with business with this energy. Also cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off.


FRIDAY:Don't get involve in other people's petty drama. For others of you try to have a plan A or a plan B. I feel you are going to realize who your real friends or at least who has your back. You need to be more adaptable today or be aware of the company you keep. Because either your stuck in your way of thinking. Or they are more traditional in their way of thinking  

SATURDAY :Despite mercury being in retrograde, new love can come in during this time period. You could be more about your play or even wanting to have an adventure. Watch your spending with this energy , you can go over the top. Or you can be self indulgent .  

SUNDAY:For some of you this is moving day with this energy. For others this could be focusing on the home or property matters during this time period. For others of you, you could be hearing good news from a family member. The home or the physical home may need your attention

 MONDAY : Not the best energy here expect mood swings . You might need to cock those brains before you shoot that mouth. Because certain people might not get your sense of humour. For others of you stay of the comment bar. You want to have fun at this time or be light hearted but some people may not share those same sentiments


FRIDAY : You have power struggles with certain relationships. You could find the other person being bossy or creating restriction on what you can or cannot do. You have to learn to agree for disagreeing in order to create a healthy relationship. For others of you, you need to be an example in your life and allow someone else to come and  plant the seed

SATURDAY : You might not be getting along with a Sagittarius in your life. Don't expect things to go right today . Try instead know that nothing wont go right so you wont be disappointed. It maybe hard to get friends to come out . So it's best to make plans on the fly

SUNDAY:You have a water trine today. So this energy can set the rest of the week. So it's up to you what you want . This can be a fabulous day or week or this week can ride you like a bronco , on a Tuesday, like a rhinestone cowboy. This can be a fun energy time with family or the people you love

 MONDAY :With this energy you test or challenge rules or certain taboos. For others of you this energy brings certain healing or understanding. Your temper has a hair trigger and you’re poised and ready for battle, which often explains why they’re so motivated and successful in goading you into unproductive struggles


FRIDAY :Great energy to stick to a routine and get things done. What ever you 've been putting off, your catching up on today. This could be a good time for you on the media or social media. For others of you this can be a popular energy time at school. Or you could find yourself more out and about than usual

SATURDAY : For some of you, you could be thinking thoughts of future , future , future. Try to be more about facts at this time. Actions speak louder than words. This can be a new love coming in and promising you the stars and the moon. Be about action because you could be getting ahead of yourself. Even with online opportunities to earn more money. Do your research before getting ahead of yourself.

SUNDAY:You have the energy to get things done or start a routine. For some of you this is a good time for business or career. You could find this to busy a time. You could be out and about visiting everybody. Whether you want to or not your going out today

 MONDAY :You have a great way of healing others but also to show them the direction they need to go in. You make sense to the chaos in the lives of others.  Difficult problems may be handled successfully. Use this time to get in touch with your own personal force and the ways that you can apply it for your own benefit and the benefit of others.