Saturday, April 29, 2017


This week, you benefit through others. What ever emotional funk you are in , you need to pull yourself out of it. I feel with this energy, if you've been alone or more to yourself. Your going to realize how much you've missed out on other people's lives.  I feel certain things you want to happen will manifest itself. Because your in a better headspace, or cooler heads will prevail which will help you see how you may had blown something out of proportion  

You need to let go of past hurts with this energy , in order to move forward. For some of you, do your research before you jump into new money or business opportunities. Because this can be more of a lesson with this energy. For others this is an emphasis on love but this is an ex. This person may have restrictions on what you can or cannot do. For others of you, I see you see other people with this energy. For some of you, you are still dealing with heart break and thoughts of the ex are coming up. Or you could be talking to them and seeing how they can come back into your life
For some of you, you can be spending the majority of your time online or playing online games, or communicating back and forth with work. Change is coming and it's not going to be easy so try to go more with the flow. For others this can be relocation either with career, or this can be a move for a different state or country. Relocation or adjusting to your new situation or new normal is going to take a while. For others of you  , this is a great time for job interviews or even dealing with social media  

Watch your emotional self this week, you can be thinking about the past, and it's upsetting you with this energy. This can be regrets but these thoughts of past , know that you can't go back because nothing has change. All you can do is try to change your perspective and be grateful for what you got. And how far you have come. For others of you this is beautiful energy time. Especially in regards to career something that you've been wanting is finally coming with in your grasp . For others of you this is talks with career, or getting interview. For others of you , I see the ex coming back into the picture, same ole same ole so it's up to you what you want to do
This week is about creating your own your reality but also a time were doors start to open for you. Things that you want to happen start to happen this week. For others of you, decisions that you do make maybe be the best decision you'll make. I see emotional stability and this could be with career opportunities. I do see this being a good idea but for now your just thinking about it . I feel for others of you , you could be teaching someone a valuable lesson or putting them in their place. Keep your receipts this week because you could be dealing with a liar or manipulative person .

For some of you relationships could be getting serious with this energy. For others of you, I see roommate coming into your life. This there is an emphasis on relationship getting serious. For others of you, a positive time with career, or good news about getting a job. For some of you, you may have to fight, for what you feel is rightfully yours.This week circumstances are going to change.
For some of you, you might not be getting along with your partner. Your lover could be domineering or bit in a funk because of things not going right for them. For some of you , you could be thinking about quitting your job or ending a relationship. For now this is more of a thought than an action. For others of you , this is dealing with court and court looks good this week for you.  Your intellectual or artistic development or other experiments may actually be transformed

Relocation can be difficult with this energy, or this can be change happening and it can be overwhelming .At this time for some of you, you are refusing to make a decisions as way to control the situation or to get your way. For others of you, this trying to get your way might not work. And your going to have make a decision. Seems like some of you, you are trying to control a relationship.I do see something you've been wanting is going to come to fruition. Not easiest energy especially when dealing with other people
What ever you are worrying about its more in your head than your reality, so try not to intrigue your worries. And be based on facts. This could be because you don't have enough money in your bank account, or something that you've been wanting is not happening. Just be patient at this time and allow it to come in. Sometimes when we think about things , it doesn't come . Because we are saying that we have because we keep obsessing about it . So let go of this energy so it can come to fruition. For others of you, I see you reconnecting with a women in your life. I see her apologizing to you, but I feel also she wants something from you or wants you to do something for her. For others of you investment opportunities seem promising
For some of you , opportunities can present themselves to you, this can be with : Business, career, or love. But at this time your not going to make any decisions. I feel for some of you, the choice is going to be made for you. For some of you, you are taking care of family. For others of you, you are going out of your way for others. For some of you thoughts of moving is coming up at this time. For some don't fall for other people's lies be about facts with this energy.
You might not be getting along with family at this time, I see them disagreeing with you, or not really condoning what you are doing.For others of you I do see a second source of income. I see you teaching someone a valuable lesson . For others of you, you can be more focus or discpline when it comes to work.For some of you, you could be having a good week, or you may start your week on the right foot. For some of you this is things in your life falling in place, for others of you this is a second source of income doing well, and for others of you this is good news.

This is a great time for those of you in media or social media, your message is being heard. For others of you this is fulfillment.  For some of you, you are receiving love from the boss or from the parents. They are showing you how proud they are of you. For some of you, you need to trust your intuition. For some of you this is a time for a job transfer, getting a job or moving up with a company. For others of you this is a good time for business. For some of you  this is your domestic situation changing for the better