Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Daily Scope by Marie Moore

We are coming close to the solar eclipse in Scorpio so you may start seeing some weird things happening or you maybe  caught in some weird situations today.
Today  we are coming closer to the solar eclipse in Scorpio with saturn in retrograde in scorpio in your  seventh  you maybe seeing some strange things happening to the people around you today, or strange things happening with the interactions you make with people
An emotional day for you and why not the solar eclipse is upon us  so why not the crazy come out  a bit early . Today is  not all bad once you have gotten out of your mood, your'll see the support you have in your life and the  changes that are coming your way .
We have the moon in Libra today finishing up it's emotional stay of communications, and moving on to the next which start on the 25 the  sign of scorpio , can we see the solar eclipse energy already happening around us especially when were driving don't worry, you are very sensitive to the moon , so try not to freak out over the small things and other words, your changing emotionally and coming into some relization in your life , everything and everyone else is the maybe the same but you are changing , young grass hopper
You are focus on your finicial situation today, our you starting to feel a bit of sting when it comes to your spend or your wallet, not to worry more hours and opportunities to make that cash are coming your way if not today then very soon, just be patient with the temporary delays that are coming your way today
Today Libra is in your second house making you a bit of  carebear when it comes to sharing your finicial resources with others, also as the moon start to move into the sign of scoprio for the eclipse you can already see the signs of eclipse happening around especially with that third house your charming but assertive, and determine to get your way
The moon in your sign today giving you that carebear / diva attitude allittle control  freak inside of you is coming wanting to control everything that is going on around you , making sure everything runs the way it should be , that so cute, but try to ease up on the people  they  may not  appreciate the mama bear mentallity

Oooh Scorpio well despite the moon in Libra in your 12th I'm sure you are already seeing some craziness going down in your neck of woods with the solar eclipse rapidly approaching your sign and saturn in retrograde get ready to see what it is you need to work on yourself about , if you find something that is annoying about one person, it's probably because  you act like that too...Fix it fix it is what this eclipse is saying about you
Busy busy bee don't you ever sit still , know that even though you are mentally drained or will be soon , there are new experience coming your way to make you feel confident today, expect the unexpect today and follow your intuition could lead you somewhere new

For some of you today you could be trying to reach out from people from your past, or thinking about people from you past allot more today, know that people do change and people do forgive and forget, but not all the time are they going to be the one apologizing to you
Sometime when change is coming into our life it brings chaos , and obstacles because we are moving into a new direction and new beginning and today those obstacles and changes are coming to you , as some of you walk away from a situation that is no longer working for you know that it's a blessing that you experience is over and it's time for change
Today  may get a bit overwhelming for the fishies as children or the past maybe the focus, change is coming into your life for the better, and those hopes and wishes you may have to jump through hoops with fire to make things happen but know you have help, and do to try to stay in the present  today