Tuesday, April 9, 2013


The new moon in  your sign today brings about beautiful energy for manifesting and working on the law of attraction, also you  could  see some postive things happen in your life today
The new moon today stay positive , think positive and pray try not to  get to obess with the thoughts going on in your head, or try to hang out with your thoughts today.
This is  a great day for those singal gemis to mingle as  you  get your flirt on things could get very hot. Also this is  a great energy to strip away things in your life  that are blocking especially when it has to deal with your emotional self
Today the new moon energy can be  bit much for you on an emotional level even on a mental level but know that you'll see some changes happening at work, and also all eyes maybe on you today when it comes to making new friends or when it comes to career opportunities
Becareful with love relationships, you may need to compromise or try  and drop  the arguement because there are no winners. Also when it  comes to certain victories, or pleasure what that saying to much of  good thing, so becareful again to not to over do things today, take it easy like a cat not like a lion, meow
Today brings about  great money energy for some of  you expect some finicial windfalls, LOTTO.For some of  you , you don't realize how much  power you actually  have.

You  could be feeling the love to those such as management or  who write your checks, all eyes on you  but in a good way. Also this is a good day to follow your hunches when it comes to people pulling the wool over your eyes, or  when it comes to certain opportunities today
This  is a great time for signals to mingle today,when it comes to gossip or advice  everyone has an opinion , you may say this could end being  an ethical thing, get on your soap box, and get ready to tell the story about twenty times
Becareful with the energy today for some of  you , your world could  be rocked also becareful with the choice you make  because the outcome may not be beneficial for you
Today  is a positive day with the new moon in aries, unfortanetly  you  could  be a bit  woes as me with the energy going on around such as pluto  ready to go into retrgrade for some of  you , you  could be already  feeling this energy, try to stay  mentally ground and focus on the present
Today is  a day where you can be ending an old phase in your life , and beginning of the new phase in your life. I feel for some of  you , your  going to take control of the chaos in your life

Today  you  have control over how people perceive you so  give them a good impression of  yourself. Also  you  are very influential in your words and  you  give this great wisdom to others, so Impress people today, cheers