Monday, April 8, 2013


When it  comes to your love relationships, you could be feeling a  spritual connection with  your mate. Also  something in your reality may  emotionally shake you  up that it may  cause some  life changes in your life today

You could be taking some chances when it comes to  you and your money,  follow your gut feeling if it doesn't feel right don't do it

Today  you  could be  taking  your  hobbies and turning them into  a business venture, or thinking about it. Today  you  have this ability  to  create your own reality with in your real world

Ooh today  the focus is on love relationships, for some of  you a new love  may come in your life and yes in the crab fashion they probably will  be put on a pedstal so soon, but remember who wears the crown, this  also  relates to current relationships, cheers
Today  you may  start  doing  some cleaning in some  areas in your life   that  you continue on  avoiding .You  may be  asked by the universe to  go through the  gauntlet or  walk through the  fire but take as minor  irritations or  corrections you have to make with in yourself
Know that there is a light at the end of  the tunnel when it comes to personal victories , you maynot hear about  right away , but it will happen soon. Also  you  could be  taking some risk when it comes to certain investment with your  money

I feel that  today  you  have a clear image of  some of the  crap that maybe  coming your way. Also you  could  be a bit of trend setter as some of  the copy cats around start to be come more like,  how GAGA of you
When it comes to  bossy people in your life just let them be the boss , and eventually  like a dog with a bone they will lose the  flavor and move on to the next person. You could have some personal victories coming up that will be a notch you stick on your belt today
For some of  you or one of  you , you could see your creative talent being spread in the media either the social media, or the media in general.  You  could finally maseter some difficult area in your life today
Becareful with certain windfalls in your life they may have disastrous consequences behind them. I feel also at this time take it easy  when it comes to  your bad habits, they  may start coming  to catch up on you
Today  is  a  good  day to establish structure in your life, you  and your partner today  could have a more spiritual understanding of  each other, also this is  a good day to meet someone  which you 'll have instant spiritual connection with
Theres  a strong declaration of  love coming your way  today, there is  a peaceful change coming into your life that will have a long time benefit