Thursday, April 11, 2013


Somethings in your life today that you have been wanting may manifest themselves today.  For some of  you , you  could  find yourself trying something that you have never done before

Today you  could be receiving such strong loving energy that you maybe looking for  that happily ever after. For some of you when it comes to work you will be feeling like you are on the right path and you know what you are

The universe today is  asking you to be  a bit open minded to new idea or situations that are coming into your life, if it makes you feel awkward it's ego talking so shut your ego up and walk through the awkwardness 

When it  comes to money  you have the best luck with any changes you want to make when it comes to  your work also expect the unexpected when it comes to your career.

The  10th  house  has the moon in Taurus there could be  allot of  attention  focus on you , either good or bad smile all eyes are on you, also new friendships may form

You could be thinking about breaking  old habits or going on a diet today. Also for some of you marriage could be on the  mind
The moon in Taurus in your eighth house  with venus energy and the moon in your  eighth house  this is  a great energy  for sales people, or influencing others to see your way
The moon and venus in the sign of taurus in your seventh house bring about  your friendly  side as new people come into your life, you  could be nurturing old ones and introducing old to the new
The moon in Taurus in the sixth house with venus  your mind may be on other things, or someone else possibly at work, as you take flirting to another level only like a fire sign  can

The moon in  Taurus with venus it's ruler in your  fifth house making friends and allies seem to come easy for , and even  flirting seems to come very easy for you , know any sagittarius ??

The moon in Taurus and venus by it's side in your  fourth house brings about your focus to expand on your home or with your family but the focus today is defintely on  doing things with your family and spending time with them

With the  moon in your thrid and venus along side you are able to communicate your ideas and what you are passionate about to anyone, and they in turn will  support your decision