Monday, April 1, 2013

Daily Scope for April 02,2013

Today you may teach someone a valuable lesson, because they will either leaving you hanging or put in a position that you don't want to be in
Today you are going to show some  great self restraint , a creative solution today  could help you  restart your  dreams, or jump start new dreams

With what you know, you  could be  right ,  and you'll reap the rewards that come with it. When it  comes to  love you and your potential crush may not be able to move, both of you are waiting for the other to make  a move, tick tock , tick tock, okay I've grown impatient NEXT !!

You  could be releasing some strong energy or something that you've been holding back for a while. Also you  maybe  making some long term decision that will lead to  peace and you moving in the right direction
For some of  you today there could be some good loving  coming to you, or meeting someone new in your life today,becareful with moving to fast what's that saying to much of  good time, take it easy with the pleasure
You may have to trust the enegy and allow things , people and situations come into your life rather than shy away from change or from new directions

You have strength today to kick bad habits if  you wanted too. For some of  you , you  could be  going through some life altering experience today.
You could receive some deep insight into certain situations , or  people in your life today, also today  you  could be  enjoying some material success
You are taking the correct building blocks to build some strong relationships, love or friendships. If you are carrying a secret you  could be carrying it a bit longer than you know
By  showing your giving  side or nurturing could be very affectious and inspiring towards others. Becareful with obsessing about crushes because it could be a roadblock to your  happiness
You need to  get your priorities straight today because it's only tuesday, and some coutries wed, and you are already in party mode, or pleasure mode
Have faith with in yourself, and not matter how bad  your situation, hope is about to prevail today especially when it comes to your money situation