Monday, April 22, 2013


Holding on to positive feelings or positive memories is what will keep you going and smiling today , also change is taking place in your life but you may not be ready to move on do to fear or because you cannot control the situation
A creative solution could unlock a way to pursue your dreams, also if you need help such as financial  help ask for  it from family or  friends and you'll be pleasantly surprise.You will have fun time as well with starting new projects, and an easier time with that 

You need to follow your hunches especially with chance opportunities,this is a great time to spring clean your greater self as you rid yourself of emotional garbage you'll  find that you  one step closer to the true you
Don't allow people at work,or  the stresses at work to affect you, stay in the present smile because everything in life is temporary it takes a positive attitude to believe that change will come to you soon
Be a participant in your life and other lives today because you are missing out on the joy of life, and  happiness we all enjoy from sharing with others in our lives.  Also be aware of manipulative people around you because  they will not take responsibility for their actions, and you 'll be held accountable
Sometimes your silence saids more than your words, especially when you know that I know, that virgos know how to do those low blows.  Also  when it comes to  your ideas , or  your input you may create some controversy with others

The focus today is on your love relationships, and the lessons you go through when it comes to compromise and understanding , remove the I  and see your relationships as  team a partnership

You could be breaking bad habits that may have you feeling a bit anxious , this is  a mental day today  so be careful with the energy as your mind is on your money , and financial worries, control the stuff you can control, and wait for the other stuff to follow
Nervous energy to new a situation may have you feeling that it may not work, put replace your negative thoughts with positive energy, tell a positive story in your mind about the new situation coming up today

You are being emotionally affected by the chaos going around in your life but this could be change coming into your life so try to keep pace with the chaos allow the changes to happen in your life , good or bad it's change it 's happening let go of your control and allow  change to happen  

If you are having problems seeing the positive in life, know that you may see it today or soon, know that the things you have put out to the universe your wants  are being formed today be patient, and stay in the present , the now

You are determine to do things your  way especially when  it comes to finding a job or how you handle your money, listen to others doesn't mean you have to take their advise but they may know what they are talking about, they aren't trying to undermine you or tell you what to do , they are trying to help you out