Monday, April 15, 2013


Today as the planets begin to  leave your sign, you could be feeling and also seeing the affects of these changes, don't get mad at the changes good or bad that may happen be modest and try to be humble so the affects of  change is not so mentally  frustrating

Whether you've  come to  a solution to a problem or someone else has come for the solution, don't worry today that solution is found and it will allow to have a chance to have  peace of mind
Today is an emotional day especially where family and children are concern that maybe your focus for today,  also when it comes to looking for a relationship or  your check list you are looking for someone who has the same interest as you
Someone maybe with holding money  from you, see it as a blessing because who wants to rely on others when it comes to your freedom, or financial freedom , so try to see the blessing in your trials and tribulations when it comes to your little world  today
For some of  you today a love relationship maybe in the works for my signals. You may also  be placing allot of  responsibility on yourself today, and helping to many people or one person to the point where you are not enjoying the goodness that you are giving

Today you maybe blinded by your lovers faults which is not a bad thing because if you can't see their faults then it wont bother you. Also with the changing of  the planets into the sign of Taurus for some of you , you may start to feel this affect, and may force you or cause you to change the structure of life that you are use to.
Be careful with your tunnel vision, because even though you receive your goal that you are so focus on , you maybe overlooking all the wonderful things, and people around you so take time for others, and try not to be so focus on  your new goal

Chance opportunities and chance encounters may happen today , go with your hunches.Also  when it comes to  new ventures or moving your lover or partner can come in very handy with solutions or maybe very  helpful to you today
You  could be ask to make decision or pick size with out knowing all the facts,careful of  those he said she said try to stay neutral. Also today with the changing of planets this week starting to go on just be aware that sometimes silents is your best response especially in fights, let the other person look crazy, because  it's  fun to watch the crazy come out of people, DEVIL BE GONE lol.
There is a peaceful solution to long standing dispute or awkwardness that is finally going to end , which will cause a very peaceful period in your life. Also you  could find yourself in a good  financial position, or in a new domestic situation

You maybe  dealing with someone who has an addictive personality or  who is very  dominating in your relationship, the focus may be on them today and their needs.  It maybe because something is out of whack in your life or their life right now that they are having  trouble coping and looking for you  to be a punch , unfortunately 

You will selflessly work to help others to each their  goals,also for you when it comes to certain situations or people in your life, it is  finally the time to  throw  the white flag surrender to love, and acceptance and peace will come into your life