Thursday, April 18, 2013


Feeling today that you have no control over your current situation don't worry this energy will change and things will be explained to you as to why certain events happened the way they did.  Also  good news will come to you today bring about  more of  a bonding experience to you and your friends ,TGIF
Projects or situations that have been weighing heavily on your mind will work themselves out today , or will be finished by the end of the day, also weighing on your mind your money  , for some you can even be thinking about a second job
When  it comes to your relationships you could find out some information especially at work , ooo office gossip , why yes I'll listen, thank you.   Have faith that  somethings in your life will work on themselves  out today
There are some positive changes coming your way thanks to some friends of yours working behind the scenes, or helping you  out  with money making opportunities, or a new job. Be careful with your emotional energy because somethings in your life don't seem to be  right or  going your way but everything that is happening, is happening for a reason
When it comes to you , and your love relationships things are going to start looking up, especially  when it comes to bonding , you could find that  you are attracting allot of positive situations around just based on your energy
Today  could be  one of those mental days, stay away from the gossip and freenmies, for some allow these toxic, yes I went there toxic people to walk out of  your life, and embrace the positive changes that are coming after. After the rain comes the rainbow :)

You maybe feeling a bit overwhelmed by certain people in your life or events today try not to spread yourself to thin when it comes to helping others because it can drain your energy putting you in such a state.  Take this time today to take it easy with others and also the amount of time or involvement you put into their life
When it comes to decision or choices in your life , you may feel like you have no say in any of your decisions today. For some of  you this energy could take on some risky situations that will lead to new situations, or adventures in your life making you feel like a child
Most of your focus today is on work and making money, but  you could be feeling like is it worth it especially with the bull being thrown at you , you maybe feeling like walking away from the situation at work as things or people maybe a bit much for you, follow your intuintion for answers

Today you are pushing your way through obstacles and getting things done in your life before you life  goes into hyper driver than you 'll have to wait for things to get done at a later date, busy busy busy, but things in your life are revealing themselves to you also people in your life are showing their true colors, not always beautiful like a rainbow, damit
Your  words may affect many people or just one person ,also look to  your love relationship or close friendship for special bonding moment in your life. For some  of you when it comes to thinking about past love realize that relationship wasn't strong enough for you to work on
An emotional day  with the people involve in your life, so try to get along with everyone.   Also for some of  you with this emotional this could be  your way to  responding to a broken heart , so  certain past hurts may come up right now because you are still hurting from previous hurts, thank you pluto in retrograde