Thursday, April 4, 2013


Becareful with this aquarius moon energy in your 11th house because  you  could  get into unnecessary  squabbles and may not remember the reason or how it was started

Today you  need to face certain realities in your life that  you  could be avoiding for example bill collectors, try to face some  of  these uncomfortable  secrets so  you  can start bringing your world out of  blockages and into a flow of energy

Remember to not take things so personal today especially at work or dealing with moeny with family members , it just business, also  becareful with people with addictive personalities they may  get you involve in their  problems, like you don't have enough

You  could see some big improvements in your life where there was none, also today  temporary happines to unfamilar territory may  cause you to think of the uncertainity of the unfamilar, or the what if syndrome
Today you  are  giving the green when it comes to making  more, or  money making ideas will prove that you right on the money ,lol.Certain changes in your life could be life altering changes that  could not be avoided or our really  your thought
For some of  your relationships , especially  in  love relationships could turn into something dark try not to go down that whole with your relationship, because you  have to much  good going on in your  own life just  focus on yourself  and  don't follow others in the rabbit whole okay ALICE :)
You maybe affected today by the legal issues or paper work you are having to deal with to get to the next step in your life.  Today the tension and chaos in your life like a storm ending should be calm and  order will  come back to you soon
If you  are making  changes or  going through changes for today know that it will be a smooth tranisition especially what ever it is  when it comes to that you are trying to change, wow to many changes :)

I feel at this time everything that is taking place in your life has an actual purpose even though you can't see it  yet but does involve a life changing experience coming to you  so allow  yourself to go through and enjoy the  journey
When  it comes to  love today you  could see some  changes or  signs of moving  forward in your relationship which  could have you feeling  tickled pink, as they show their support, it  feels like everything is coming into place today, cheers to the future
You  could be  a bit gaurded or  doubting yourself know that everything will work itself out , the energy is just very busy so try to  keep it, your a bit of perfectionist and might be a bit hard on yourself relax your doing great don't control the  energy just  go with it
You could feel a bit overwhelmed or anxious as people in your life try to tell you what to do or try to tell you what you are doing wrong, know that you  are on the right path, things will start taking off making you that great white shark in your life