Sunday, April 7, 2013

Daily Scope for April 08,2013

I feel this could be a mental day, meaning you  could be dealing with some emotions or your ego when it comes , be open  and go  through the door

Today  you  could feel a bit fearful when it comes to certain situations that will affect on emotional level know that you have a support system to help  break down the walls
Sometimes in life people are not  going to tell you everything that is  going on with emotionally , and they maybe keeping some secrets from you but don't worry all will be revealed to you

I feel that this is time to assest everything that has gone especially with your career , I feel  if you want to make changes in your life now is  a great time to take advantage of this energy
You  are very giving to the people in your life, by doing  good in your life it makes you feel better in your life despite the risk you take by  being to giving
You are in  a  energetic mood, and  feeling optimisitc about the  future I feel that also  you  could be  leaving some bad situations behind you
Your love life could be the focus, you  could be  reading to much into your relationship, it may drive you a bit bonkers step back  focus on something and you'll see you were worried about nothing
You are very busy today  and all  about you and your money,  you  could have some stumbling block when it comes to your hopes and wishes but  with your hard work you can make anything happen

I feel you may open some doors in your life, it's just  the start you got your foot in  the door now it's time to be patient and allow the talks to begin and the waiting game to commence

I feel that today  you  could be listening to others advice but are you taking there advice wether in love or with money that are just coming from a place of love

You could be  making some changes to make you happier, there could be some changes when it comes to your home life, and when it comes to your career, or  you could be seeing changes happening in your life today
You  could be  starting some new project that will prove to be beneficial for you ,  you 'll find that you do have finicial support, or people that do support in the decision that you make