Wednesday, April 17, 2013


With emotional moon in sign of cancer  your love relationship may cause you some  problems, loyalties maybe tested as they might have to choose sides.
With the moon in cancer in your third house you  maybe a bit stuck in your head so try to focus on the positive things in your life,  or take that tension in your head and focus on more creative matters instead, I feel it's just the moon making you  feel a bit melancholy
Relationships in your life may come and go today, also with the moon in the sign of  cancer  you could find yourself  focus on your relationships with others, and  try  not to give  everything but the kitchen sink when it comes to helping out others

The moon in your sign today you  could be feeling a bit emotional over certain obstacles in your life . For some of you love and love relationships will be changing in your life for better or for worst they are changing, and also the  focus is on your love life

The moon in your 12th house you are focus on your close ,family relationships and you wanting to nurture those relationships that are close to you but try not to spread yourself to thin when it comes to  being their for others your not obligated to any one but your children and yourself

I feel that today you maybe poking fun at others ordinary as your life is not so ordinary.  Also with the moon in cancer the energy  could bring you more into yourself overthinking and analyzing situations in your life and along them to emotionally affect, isn't the way to go
For some of you could be  planning or thinking about starting your own business venture for others this is a time  where you are very  creative in your way of thinking.    I feel the emotional state of  you , will put you in a complete bliss in your mind, cheers

This brings you to  a busy day especially when it comes to work, and job hunting for some of you, I feel that there are  changes happening around you even though those changes maybe a bit abrupt but it's all good
Today you may find yourself in the midst of  change,  I feel that this is a fast pace last minute kind of an energy  so try to keep at the rate your life is going,  you could be hearing some good news that will make you  feel that you have the ability to change your circumstance for the better
The moon in cancer could have you being a bit more nurturing and understanding with your relationship, also positive  changes are coming your  way  making this is a great for the unexpect but in a positive way or a positive turn of events for some of you today
Have faith you may be coming at a cross road in your life or reality maybe  getting to really when it comes to  your finicial situation , you may be looking for  different opportunities now is the time to  go for them, this is a great time to change especialy today if you are ready

You maybe  doing some unnecassary worrying right now,  and  creating stories that may or may not happen to you, you are coming into some changes you may see them today, but allow the energy to do what  it's going to do  float down stream instead of floating upstream