Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Daily Scope for April 03,2013

Try not to assume that certain situations or dealing with people could  get worst because there
is  going to be an end  to the problem, or the energy is going to  get better today
For  some of you there could be a relocation going on today wether it be at home or with your job be patient with the new transition 
You  maybe so focus on winning or revenge that you may miss all the other positive opportunities that are coming into  your life, sometimes it's best to let God handle the difficult so you don't miss out
of the  fun stuff
Your focus today maybe on  money ,  you already put it out to the universe what you really want be it money  approach your obession with money as a need instead of a want

Today is a mental day so  try to keep yourself ground so you don't get  a nervous break down, this is  abusy  day for you, and today  you  could  find yourself in the middle of  gossip, the walls have ears
Something maybe revealed to  you about someone who maybe in need , good thing they  got you to  rely on you, but they maybe relying on you to much
Get ready for your victory lap today especially when it comes to love  relationships.  Also  for some of  you today you could be forced to change but  know it will all work itself out, change is good

Major energy  is  around you today , it may  cause  you anxiety, and anxiousness  because of the feelings of  changes that maybe coming over you

You have some mental energy going on with you, that may cause you some depression, or  worry be patient with the energy today , because it will get better as you start to make plans for your outings
 You could  get sidetrack with  your plans as something a bit more  fun or tempting may come  your way do you splurge, do  you break your focus or do you stay on course??
You still have chances today for life changes, also some one maybe telling you  some tall tales I love stories especially when I have nothing to do with it, HAHA
You may need to confront some legal issues in order to move on with the next step of your life, even if it means revisiting and confronting your past, yikes