Wednesday, April 10, 2013


The energy today is  kind of  a blame game energy but at least you can actually give the blame over to someone else rather than you take full  responsibility.  For some of you , you  could be  breaking some friendships, or  stop associating with certain people at  work
Issues could creep on  you when it comes to those abandonment issues, uh oh.But, on the plus  side you could be feeling a sense of empowerment as  you venture out into something new that has you feeling a bit weary
Today  you'll be given a new level of  emotional satisfaction, yeah. Right now  your words are convincing  and they  carry  weight with the righ people, also today for some of  you  could be coming very close to sloving  your money problem, especially  when  it comes to your bills

When it comes to  finicial  decision know that you  do have luck on your side to get you where you need to be going, or  give you the luck to get that job you want.  Your material talents today  are pulsating towards, cheers, booboo 

For  some today you could be  in  a such a positive frame of mind especially when it comes to finicial security things maybe feeeling like there coming together
There are some chances today that you are not willing to take do to your boundaries and limitations that you set for yourself. Even though the changes in your life keep coming eventually  you are going  to have to given to fate if you dare

When it comes to love relationship , you may see your mate take stand for his or her special carebear especially when it comes to major decision that you maybe  making your life or thinking about making don't worry your mate has your back.
I feel that even though your energy is  great , your mental self could be another story as you feel overwhelmed by certain things in your life , or  choice you want to make, is it  fear or something with your ego that it is causing you to react this way
There could be some good news coming your way  today  but this news could be coming at  a bad time in your life, where everything is going right then this news requires you to quit your job or move , you know its good but what do you stay where you are comfortable or do you move on to greener pastures??
The enegy could start getting a bit heavy for you capricorn as pluto goes retrograde in your sign not to worry because it's going back wards with saturn in retrograde which will still bring about changes in your life, also you could be ending some chapters in your life  , or  finally learning to let go and move on , NEXT CHAPTER, turn the page
For some of  you today  you  could be on competitive mode  but remember after all is said done to take moment and appreciate your accomplisments and victories today, also  today  when it comes to love relationship  you  may have some soul searching to do when  it comes to a particular relationship
I feel  today brings about blessing on to the fishies, for some fishies the material sucess that happens today may be the only thing your are thinking about and to repeat to others about  a hundred time but try not  to get to obsessed about your finicial victory instead be thankful that change has come for some of you