Sunday, April 14, 2013


When it comes to new love you  could be feeling a sense of new energy , and watch the unexpected luck you have with this love energy, I also today you may inspire others or even  be someone muse

You  could be dealing with deep emotions  when it comes to people in your life followed by understanding and  bonding experience with others,also when it comes new love relationships for some of  you , you'll get this do over to make things right
You are acting indifferent towards certain situations that would normally get under your skin.  You have also the ability to  master things around like a sponge you get it

I feel that today you have a certain victory that you are going to be very proud of today ,also you may expect some finicial gains for some of you even some finicial windfalls today. Be thankful for your victories today 

You  might not have any patience for others today, or  for a certain situation.  I feel also that you may realize that some people are closed minded in there own way. Also today it might be an emotional volatile day that you may be go through the emotions and making  changes do to your emotions

You may feel a bit restricted with the bossy people in your life, like vicious dog instead of engaging with the dog when he's in his red zone just be passive and allow the dog to bark, because soon he will see there is no fight and will go else where and try to dominate someone else

When it comes to your love relationship compromise and understanding where the other person is coming from is going to have to be made, a little understanding goes along way no matter how much you want your way.

You have the energy and the talent today to get the job done, also don't look at what others have because they may not be happy with what they have also issues with money and control may coming making  you feel a bit alienated   
There's alot of deep emotion with in that it is ready to come out but in an artistic or creative fashion.  Also my fabulous flirt it could get a bit hot and bothersome at work today to  the point of maybe asked out on  a date , oh yes , it's one of those steamy days
You are looking at another busy day bringing about some luck, and some positive manifesting on your part, becareful with the he said she said stuff because you maybe thinking about  what you should have said, like the last word

Someone in your life could make you feel like you can't be yourself, also this person maybe going on a power trip today so becareful,also you can find yourself facing some ultimatiums today as well

Today  when it comes to some battles in your life somethings will just work itself out , while others you might have to move on. Also prepare yourself for some major upheavel as you may have to pick sides  with people