Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Daily Scope for April 04,2013

Today  you can expect some windfall or  help  when it  comes to  your money matters, for  some of  you there could be answer or an ending to your money solution soon

Becareful with  keeping your cards a bit close you  may be alienating people  around you by doing that, also this is  busy time where you  can find some  great energy to get things done

Today  you may be  looking for  deep personal insight with in yourself. Also today  as you  dwell in your subconcious self you  could find some insight on why you are on the journey that you are on

Today brings about a dose of mental energy and  feelings about  moving , for some of  you will move today , but  be patient with the changes that you want

For those of  you who have experienced recent heart could  get your chance to hear about the stroke  of  bad luck , karma that hits your ex, also  this is  a time where you can see  things especially with court go your way or with legal issues
Careful because  some people in your life could be pulling the wool over your eyes, especially when they see what you have or what you can do for them

The moon today in the sign of  aquarius in your  fifith this could be a day of adventure or of get togethers

The moon in aquarius in your  fourth  house  brings  about some over thinking or over analyzing situations try to make an effort to get out of  your head
The moon in the third house brings about cool ideas and cool new ways to communicate, for some of  you could be  thinking about  your internet business and how to better use the social media network for others this energy brings about creative thoughts, and also inventive new ways

The moon in aquarius in your second  you could be  coming up with interesting ideas for your business or making money , for others you  could be thinking about buying the latest in new gadgets or cell phones
The moon in  your  first house makes it  a great to mingle if your singal and also to hang out with friends, becareful because work  and priorities maybe put off on the back burner and  your social life may step into the limelight today
The moon in your 12th house  you  could be feeling a bit anxious with this energy  but do try to have  fun and don't allow the  future or things you want affect your mood everything will come to you when it needs to come to you