Sunday, March 31, 2013

Daily Scope for APRIL 1,2013

Maybe it's all the planets going on in your first but your still carrying that  great energy to get your way,  know that you can ask people for  favors or get your way with others
Today  is a good day to see things coming  your  direction,  you  could also see some things come full circle in your life

When it comes to business you could be hearing some good news coming your way,also this is a great time to remove the clutter from your life and work on the  energy at home
Today you  could be  in a playful mood with coworkers,and also this is great day to have the energy and the motivation to get things done, and also to work on your health

Today  you  can get a bit hot bothered with the heavy  flirting  going around , your mind may be on fun and adventure, and when can you go out rather than your priorities, but aren't get togethers priority ?

Today your home is looking more , and more like your sanctuary a place for you  to leave work, and drama where it should be outside, not in your world. You maybe  even a bit more quite than usual
Today you are out spoken and loving it , you could be saying whats on your mind with out a filter so try to think before you speak, because others maynot like what you say
You  could be thirfty shopper or  coming up with great ideas on  how to save, or fix your budget, also  you  can be thinking about starting new projects that may involve your home or  home business, but some of these projects may involve some paper work   

You may have worries  with certain situations going on  in your life today, but be  patient change is  sure to come and the situation will be dealt with


Today  with  the moon in sagittarius in your 12 th house your mind  could be a bit active, and this need  to go out and have fun could be on your mind, hmm know of any leos :)
The moon in  sagittarius in your 11th house  the  focus today is on your friends and  being the center of their world today
The moon in sagittarius in your 10th house brings about  this eagerness to please everyone, and I mean everyone, also you have this look at me attitude which  could be allot of  fun to watch