Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Daily Scope by Marie Moore for March 27,2013

This is a day where you could be changing bad habits, and also seeing someone else getting the upper hand which may seem a bit unfair
Today you  could have an admire waiting in the wings that may ask you out for some coffee , also this is  a great day for money making opportunities to come your way
You could come up with a creative solution that will help you with certain problems or stumbling blocks.  Also the energy today you could be feeling on top of the world or like you have freedom to do what you want, remember I wrote "like"

Today you  can get some criticism when it comes to  not following the group, sometimes you have to do what feels right to you and not everyone else. Also becareful with people around you or your partner they could be pulling the wool over your eyes and there
You  could be learning some new ropes, or receiving a mentor that will help you and motivate you in what you need to do .Also you give someone much needed advise , like some good Doctor Phil advise
You need today to work out your emotional issues especially when it comes to love or feelings of abandonment. Also some issues in your life could  resolve themselves

No one can change your mind as you know exactly it is that you want today, you have this great self esteem and also are able to take control over an situation you find yourself in

Becareful with power tripping authority figures either they are having a moment or they are in some kind of  power trip stay out of the way, also outcomes today will turn in your favor

Something today could shake up your peaceful household.For some of you , you could be struggling with ideas or creative thinking

Today for some of you could be receiving unexpected  money or opportunities that could have you feeling a bit more confident or superior because of where you finicial situation or where you are going

You could be getting ahead of  yourself as you are more concentrated on the future rather than what's going on in the present.Also today you need to becareful because your ego maybe talking to you, which is also an opportunity to work on your ego as well

Today you can experience some material success ,decision today maybe difficult to make on your so be sure to ask your partner or someone that knows what they are talking about