Thursday, March 21, 2013


Situations can get a bit heck  or events can move with  great speed especially when it comes to making decision before sure to take time and think about your options
Delays are finally over,full speed ahead. For some of you events or situation are happening to you all at once.This is  still a good time to clear the way for things that no longer serve you

The moon in leo in third house will have you standing up for those you love, or standing up for yourself and what is wrong with this picture.
The moon in leo in the second house you could be a bit over top when it comes to your spending, or a bit out there with that cavary taste of yours, so watch your spending habits if your trying to save

The moon in your first house today you are seeing  where others are coming from, listen as well before reacting emotional to what others are saying
The moon in leo in your 12th house , you  could be wearing your emotions on your sleeve, so people will know when your upset which is not a bad thing it means they'll be able to read you a bit better or know what makes you tick

The moon in leo in your 11th house you are all about friends and socializing too, no matter how much fun that sounds don't forget about work or other obligations

The moon in leo in your 10th house  you  could say what's  on your mind or not even come with a filter as people may aggravate you or do really stupid things, stupidity is  a disease, it's not been proven yet so be patient with others
The moon in Leo in your 9th house could have you standing up for what's right or have you on some moral  high horse, so get on your soap box and preach what's right and wrong
Moon in  leo in your 8th house could have you being a bit of  flirt,so things with coworkers or close partnerships could get a bit hot and bothersome
The moon in the seventh house of  relationship , you feel this need to take care of others even if it means to help them out  finicially so becareful because there's help and then there's to much help

The moon in the sign of  leo in your sixth house  could have you  bumping heads with authority figures or with those in control, do all you can to bite your tongue to get through today