Tuesday, March 19, 2013


You could be grabbing the bull the horns, seizing the day as you are learning or ready to learning  how everything works, you are very curious and open for new experiences today

You  could be leaving a bad situation or relationship, and being more focus on your needs and what makes you happy, have  faith that you made the right decision, in the right direction

Today allow the energy to move you don't force things to happen, because you  are going through some positive changes today, or you maybe witnessing postive changes happening in your life today

The energy especially the emotional energy is very positive and bright out look as things are beginning to look up for you both mentally and in your reality, positive opportunities may present themselves for you,so what are you waiting for

Relationships either love or friends could take a turn, this is something that has to  happen, both of  you have to  go your seperate ways and deal with your own lessons and experiences, but as for you  then energy is very much on your side people are on your side, this is a start of a new beginning
What ever time you have invested on be it , work, school or relationships know that it's time well paid, you could be reaping the benefits of  that investment today
Becareful your mouth could get you in trouble or hot water with the hand that feeds you , you've been warned minor obstacles are in your way but this is extremely temporary so don't sweat it . This is mostly a mental day so try to take it easy on the emotional self don't allow what others say or do , or how you feel get too, or obsess about it
OOh lala loving energy is the air today, could  make you feel like a kid again or  your mate could inspire you when it comes to creative endeavors, right now they are your greatest support

You are feeling more in control where your finicial situation is concern give you a bit more confidence. Today is  a busy day for you  don't feel overwhelmed by the work load take it one step at a time.
You are embracing , and even attacking the road blocks that may block you from what you want or from even change especially when it comes to you and your money making potential, out  of Capricorns e way or else some one is going to  hurt

This is a great day for a change in career or for some kind of promotion, change is knocking on your door , could have you celebrating a bit early as change for the better is comming your way

Today you  could be romanticising the past , don't allow this energy  to last to long because you feel a bit  of anxiety or doubt playing with your head slow but surely things are happening in your life, for the better