Monday, March 4, 2013

Daily Scope for March 05,2013

If you need assistance all you have to ask, people are their willing to  give you a helping hand if needed, and vice versa so are you, loving energy and  support are on your side

You  could be privilege to some information today , do try to keep it  to yourself, for it was for you ears only 

Today  starts off with it's fair share of  minor problems, but not to worry  later on new experiences or talks about new beginnings await you, making feel a bit more in control of  your situation

Great feel  good energy is  coming at you today, the start or thinking about starting new project, but of  course during this time  you  have to put in the work and make things happen today, and  you have the motivation to do so

Busy day is on your way, as with a new way of doing certain things in your life, or  new rules to  follow today, you  could be looking on the  good  ole days as well

There could be some doubt or unwanted fear today, when it comes to someone else in your life, as their motivates maybe put into question

You are almost fed up or  getting there with some in your life or your job,  you  could be thinking about walking away  or  giving up on this person or  situation

Some new plans may seem a bit far fetch or  could be just talk , meditate or sleep on it , to see if these plans are feasible

People maybe taking  you  a bit to seriously  be careful with your words because you maybe playing with someone's emotions

This is  a day  of brain storming and reflection, you've done all you can do to put what you want out into the universe now it's just a waiting game, focus on your spiritual self today

Today  you  may have to  confront past relationships as they  could be  waltzing back into your life like everything is okay let the past be the past , not that simple for you

Great healing energy may come to you  today  thanks to all those planets in your first house this could be a time where you are going to let go of  past hurts or  work through them today, bringing peace and a sense of confidence into your world which some of  you have not seen in a while