Monday, March 25, 2013

Daily Scope for March 25,2013


You could be all in your head, because  of  worry or things not working as plan, know  that things  are working out  especially finicially

The moon in sign of virgo in your fifth  house you  could be bit nurturing with your friends, and loving the energy that comes along with the fifth house, also your a bit more creative than  usual
You could be learning new things or on the job training that will have you a bit more confident, also new relationships such as friendships or love will show you some loyalty

Some changes or opportunity could have you thinking about the future or getting a bit carried away when it comes to the expectations of these changes, try to stay in the present and allow the blessings come to you as they come
Your  energy today is attractive meaning people will enjoy your company and positive attitude and  your charm, you are very childish and fun loving so try to keep it down because others may not appreciate your sun dispostion

You are on the right track today as doors open and things are looking up for you ,  your mind is on the money and work ; your confidence is high

You  need to let go of fears and doubts know that you can ask for help, and people are their for you have faith that  things will work out despite the obstacles you have to go through

For some of  you this is a start of new beginning or new project your starting today, you feel in control and are ready for the changes that are coming your way

Fears for some of you of the changes coming could have you thinking about past changes and  how  you were hurried, no worries follow your intuition this time around will be allot better
Careful when it comes to investing your energy  into someone else , you may find that you are being used, or lied to. New beginnnings with old relationships could also begin to heal
You are loving the relationships going on in your life that you may have a hard time concentrating on work, opportunities may come to you today but are they best for you right now ?
You have fears and worries plaguing your thoughts and worries know that the worst is almost over with  be patient with the energy and follow your gut