Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Daily Scope for March 28,2013

The energy is looking up for you , but still in the back of your head, your still doubting this  good energy keep it positive, this is your birthday month till the 15 of April when the planets start to leave you sign, so take advantage of the opportunities that are coming to you
You  are very confident with the energy today, also taking on some new responsibilities or being focus on learning you feel accomplished , like you really are getting things done
You could be a bit worried with some decision and crisis moments coming your way, in the end give to God and let the energy do what does, and you'll see everything work itself out
I feel that when it comes to your crush , you could be thinking about  the future with this person and what you would do differently in a  relationship with that person. Also  go  out there  and  get your hands dirty and make things happen  rather them wishing them to happen

There is playful energy around you today, you  could be making all about you today and not really wanting  to take care of your responsibilities
You  need to be patient when it comes to getting what you want, forcing others or nagging them may not get you anywhere today, try to be bit realistic when it comes to love relationships

The full moon is in your first house today the energy could  get a bit tense emotions may run high, so try to keep the emotional self ground, and calm

The full moon in your 12th house the  you maynot be able to focus on the task at hand because thoughts of the future or other matters may preoccupy your time
The full moon in Libra in your 11th house making it a bit of crazy day with friends so  expect people to pull you in all sort of directions, busy , busy, busy
The full  moon brings about great energy to be able to talk  your way into and out of situations , you'll see that you gain  the upper when push comes to shove
The  full moon in your  9th house  could have you checking out  mentally into other worldly issues that are more important, so try to keep focus and stay ground because I think I  saw the mother ship signaling for you to get away

Oh fishies the full moon in Libra in your 8th house brings about issues with others  you  could find yourself caught in the midst of a he said she said today, do try to remain calm and not thrash about like a fish out of water